How to Make a Roman Blind

Roman blinds are a brilliant way to complete the style of a room, and they can often be better than Venetian blinds and curtains for one main reason: you can make them yourself easily. This visual guide is achievable by first time DIYers to crafting pros, as we break down each step into easy-to-follow instructions.

This infographic includes three guides: how to make a roman blind, how to make a simple pull cord, and how to make a sidewinder mechanism for your roman blind. Have a go at making one, and send us your finished attempt to our Facebook page, or through #GTBHblinds on Twitter

Links to embed this infographic on your site and printable versions of all three steps are available at the bottom of this page.
How to make a Roman Blind

How to make a Roman Blind

  1. Measure and cut the fabric to the required size using the ruler. (Add 5cm for the hems.)
  2. Pin the seams along the line you plan to sew.
  3. Stick the soft part of a Velcro tape strip to the seam along the top of your blind.
  4. Sew the edges of your fabric to secure the hems and Velcro.
  5. Remove the pins from the seams and stitch the Velcro again so it's sturdy.
  6. Using a pencil and ruler, divide the blind vertically into 3 even sections.
  7. Sew the cord tape on to the lines of division.
  8. Sew the cord rings to the cord tape: one at each end, and the others at 30cm intervals.
  9. Push the rods through the tape.
  10. Run the blind cord through the cord rings - from the top, down the sides, and through the bottom.
  11. Attach the blind cord to the first cord ring by tying it in a knot, and then repeat until all the cord rings are the same.
  12. Attach the hard part of the self-adhesive Velcro to the baton.
  13. Match up the Velcro - your blind should hang from the baton.

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Roman Blind Insulation

If you have single-glazed windows, or ones that let a lot of heat through, roman blinds can help add an extra layer to stop drafts coming in and heat leaking out. They obviously won't be as efficient as modern windows, but this could be an inexpensive way to make your home a little warmer.

If you don't know how well your windows are insulating your home, read more about understanding the energy efficiency label for windows.

Printable Versions

Having a screen next to where you work can be tricky, so here are the printable PDF files for each section:

How to make a Roman-Blind-Print
How to make a Install-roman-blind-cord
How to make a Roman-Blind-sidewinder-mechanism

Installing blinds safely

There are new health & safety laws regarding to cords and safety mechanisms, amongst other things, that are new to 2014. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) have a brochure on 2014 legal requirements for internal window blinds which will help you install them safely.

Disclaimer: Anglian Home Improvements accepts no responsibility for the use of this infographic. Please refer to the 2014 legal requirements (above) for information on safely fitting blinds.