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The Best Interior Design Themes for your Conservatory

If you’re planning on investing in a conservatory for your home and want some decor ideas for how you can style it, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve rounded up 8 examples of different themes that we think work really well in this extra room in your house. Whether you’re window shopping or already have a conservatory, there’s an idea for every taste and budget!

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Shabby chic

Shabby chic interiors work really well in a variety of spaces. In the past, colours were more muted, but the mid-century revival means brighter tones are back. Use bold furniture colours to create striking contrasts with white walls, or pick out details in wall art and plants both inside and out.


A greyscale theme can work really well in your conservatory if you want to keep it modern, minimal and neutral. It offers a neutrality that lets your garden speak for itself, the colours popping that much more. Unlike darker colours, grey is less imposing, it’s softer and calming. Combine it with white, and the result is a cooler feel, but one that feels clean and chic.


Mix the outdoors with the indoors in your conservatory and use a floral theme. Floral fabrics, even floral wallpaper, can be a great nod to your beloved roses and geraniums. Add flowering houseplants, or even the odd cut flower bouquet from your own garden to make it extra floral.

Earthy and natural

Use an earthy colour palette with, creams, reds, browns and greens to increase that cosy feel. Here the red tiles get softened by the cream conservatory furniture, light reed rugs and the green outside. The effect is a conservatory that feels at one with the garden, yet enveloping, secluded and warm.


Statement vintage pieces like this plush velvet sofa bring a touch of glamour to your conservatory. Add an antique rug adds for accent colour and a gold side table or brass-effect lamp for a space that oozes comfort and luxury. Sprinkle some choice plants and ornaments around and you've got a vintage paradise – cocktails anyone?


Minimalism as been around so long that it’s become more mainstream than ever. Decluttering was the name of the game post lockdown and a conservatory that celebrates space over stuff is a great statement. Too much furniture, too many objects can feel busy, particularly if your space is smaller. By using the right pieces, adding the odd accent in wood or stone or small statement objects can create a feeling of calm. Less is more, and less definitely adds that touch of style.

White and bright

White on white interiors are everywhere at the moment, and if you’re not feeling quite that brave, you could go for something more along the lines of this example: white on a more neutral background of light grey. This has a really clean and calm feel that’s perfect for a conservatory that you will just want to relax in.


Or, if you want to inject your colourful personality into your conservatory, go for a tropical theme. Use bold prints against an earthy rattan base, along with heavy usage of plant life to keep things light, natural and airy. And there you have it…your own slice of tropical paradise!

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