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Our cottage-style windows replicate traditional cottage windows and are the perfect way to preserve the features of an older property or give a new home an authentic feel. These windows feature glazing bars that give the appearance of separate panes of glass, but with a modern A or A+ energy rating performance. Each window is designed for your home with uPVC or wooden frames in your choice of colour and configuration to suit your home.

Cottage windows use cleverly-designed glazing bars fitted within the window unit to make each pane look separately glazed. With a wide range of bars available, you can choose a shape and configuration to give your home an authentic country-cottage look.

Achieve the cost and energy savings you’re looking for with new cottage windows from Anglian. Get a free virtual appointment or home visit with a design consultant today.

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Why Choose Anglian?

We do everything we can, to make replacing your windows a straightforward and enjoyable experience. The Benefits of Anglian Glazed Windows are second to none. At Anglian, all our windows are made to measure and meet or exceed all industry standards. We also offer lengthy guarantees of up to 15 years for your peace of mind.


We build our products to last and offer you additional peace of mind by backing them with our guarantees:

  • 10-year guarantee on uPVC, wood and aluminium
  • 5-year guarantee on stained wooden windows
  • 15-year guarantee on our Ultra gas filled units
  • Quality Assurance at every stage of production
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