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Replacement Windows

Are your windows letting in a draught? Are they no longer the colour or design you want? Are your rooms not staying warm? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it might be time to replace your windows.

Your worn-out windows may not be very energy efficient or very nice to look at. This can also make you feel less secure in your home. If you see any of these signs, please contact us. We can schedule a design consultation and give you a free no-obligation quote.

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Signs You Need to Replace Your Windows

  1. Condensation Between the Panes

    If there is condensation between the glass, it means the seals on your double glazing have 'blown'. This makes your windows less energy-efficient. It also lets moisture get between the panes, which damages the window over time.

  2. Draughts Around the Frame

    Feeling a cold draught from your window is a sign the weather seals need replacing. Defective weather seals allow water and draughts to enter your home and heat to escape.

  3. Difficulty Opening and Closing

    Damage to the hinges, handles, or frames of windows can mean they become hard to open or close. This can also be a result of debris obstructing the window from closing.

  4. Damage to Hinges, Handles and Glass

    Old window hinges may rust. Handles can break or become loose. Glass can crack over time. These problems affect security. They lower energy performance. They allow weather to damage your home.

  5. Discolouration and Cracking

    Wooden frames can lose their paint or stain over time. This causes the wood to dry out and become more exposed to the weather. If you see cracks in the wood, it is time to replace your windows.

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Compare Replacement Windows

Choose your Replacement Window Style

The best all-around replacement windows are those made from uPVC. This is because they balance cost with high energy ratings. Anglian's uPVC replacement windows are BBA accredited. They can last up to 35 years with proper care. Find out more about the different materials available in our window material guide.

whole house casement windows in dual anthracite grey

Casement Windows

Casement windows open outwards from top or side hinges, closing with a lip over the frame to keep draughts and weather out. Available double or triple glazed, they come in uPVC, wood, and aluminium. Choose from many colours, configurations, and glazing options. They are BBA accredited and Secured by Design.

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Dual cream uPVC flush windows

Flush Casement Windows

Flush casement windows close flush in their frame for a more stylish look than casement windows. Choose from a range of colours and customisations in uPVC or wood. Upgrade to triple glazing for an A++ energy efficiency rating in uPVC. Perfect for modern or period homes, they meet the requirements for some UK conservation areas.

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White uPVC sash window in garden in open position

Sash Windows

Sash windows are traditional windows, typical of period properties. They open up and down on vertical sliders. Today's sash windows are more secure and energy efficient compared to older ones. Our A-rated wood or uPVC double-glazed sash windows are available in a range of colours and decorative glass options.

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Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows open by turning inwards on a side hinge or tilting inwards from a bottom hinge. They're a popular choice for conservatories and balcony windows. Our tilt and turn windows come in uPVC in a wide choice of colours and finishes.

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White uPVC bay window interior

Bay Windows

Bay windows are either structural or non-structural and come in a range of styles. You can choose casement, flush, sash, or tilt and turn windows for your bay. Customise your windows to suit your home and style with a range of colours, period bars or decorative glass options available.

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Replacing Your Windows is Easy with Anglian

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We Guarantee your Replacement Windows

Our guarantee is backed by insurance and lasts for 10 years. Your replacement windows also come with a 10-15-year guarantee for the sealed glass unit.

Installation Included

The price you pay covers everything. This includes a home visit, survey, window manufacture, installation and aftersales service. With our low-rate finance plan, you can pay for your new replacement double glazing over time. You only need to make a £249 deposit.

Dark woodgrain wooden casement windows with Georgian bars

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We'll take the time to get to know you and recommend products to enhance your home. Join our customers who are already saving hundreds of pounds each year on their energy bills.

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Options for Window Repairs

Window handles and door accessories available on the Anglian Home Shop

Replacement Window Furniture from the Anglian Shop

Are you searching for replacement window furniture? You can find a variety of products to buy online at our Anglian Shop.

We offer handles for uPVC, aluminium, and wooden windows. We also have furniture for sash windows, such as sash hooks and cam locks.

These products are perfect for small window repairs that you can do yourself. Additionally, we have window cleaning and maintenance supplies. These supplies are great for keeping your uPVC windows in excellent condition.

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Anglian Double Glazing Window Repairs

If you think you need to fix a double glazing window or replace your windows, Anglian can help.

If you notice problems like a cold draft or visible damage, the first step is to visit our Windows Clinic. This has answers to common questions about window repairs. You can use the advice here to figure out the problem.

If you need help from Anglian, you can ask for a service visit on our website. Our experts will contact you to schedule a convenient time and date.

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Your Questions Answered by us

How much do replacement windows cost?

Many people ask us about the cost of replacing windows. The answer is simple: window sizes differ between properties in the UK, so there is no set price. There are many factors to think about. That's why we say that having a consultation with our team, either in person or online, is the best way to get a quote.

Is it worth replacing 20-year old double glazing?

If your double glazing is 20 years old or older, you should replace it. This is especially important if the window is damaged or worn out. By replacing your double glazing, you can save up to 25% on your yearly energy bills.

How often should you replace the windows in your house?

The lifespan of your windows depends on the material. Well-maintained windows can last for over 20 years. Our white uPVC windows have a BBA accreditation, which means they can last for more than 35 years.

Should I replace all my windows at once?

If you can, replace all the windows in your home at once. This will make your home more energy efficient and attractive, and increase its value. If that's not possible, replacing the windows at the front or back of your house is a good alternative.

Should I replace the glass in my windows?

You can replace the glass in your windows without changing the frame. If you bought our windows, we'll replace the glass in the window frame. It's covered by our 15-year sealed unit guarantee.

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Our Accreditations and Licenses

  • British Board of Agrement accreditation for uPVC windows from Anglian Home Improvements
    The British Board of Agrement provides certification on the quality of our products.
  • BFRC logo
    The British Fenestration Ratings Council is the UK’s national system for rating energy efficient windows.
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  • BSEN12608 Windows and Doors accreditation
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    The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme ensures window installers comply with buildings regulations in England & Wales.
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    Anglian is a leading member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF).
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    Certifies products made from start to finish in a British factory by British craftspeople.
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    PVC Industry initiative to improve manufacturing, minimise emissions and develop recycling practices
  • TrustMark is a government endorsed not-for-profit organisation that operates through more than 30 scheme operators.