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How much does double glazing cost?

  • Bespoke to your property
  • Made-to-measure double-glazed windows
  • Variable prices of double or triple-glazed windows
  • Your choice of style and colour

It's very difficult to provide a fixed cost for double glazing, as it all depends on the individual needs and requirements of the homeowner. The type of glazing used, the number of windows at the property, the size of the different windows - all this affects the price.

A bespoke service requires a bespoke price - this is why providers are unable to simply offer you a quick quote over the phone or online.

Made-to-measure double-glazed windows

After you've received a bespoke design consultation and experts have conducted a survey of your home, all the precise details are gathered together to ensure your windows fit perfectly.

Shaped uPVC casement window in White from the Anglian uPVC casement window range

Made-to-measure windows are an important investment for your home. You can be confident that they'll match your home's overall aesthetic perfectly, and a tailored service also guarantees that every window will be as effective as it possibly can be. Made-to-measure windows retain heat, prevent draughts and increase the security of your home to the highest possible standard

Variable prices of double or triple-glazed windows

Until your home's requirements are fully understood, it's not possible to provide an accurate price for double or triple-glazed windows. There are so many variables to consider, and every detail must be taken into consideration before providing a quote.

You don't just have to stick to one type of glazing throughout your home either, as some rooms will benefit from particular types. This can further complicate the cost but provides the best results - both financially and in the performance of your windows.

An expert can help you establish what kind of glazing works best in each room, and then you can move onto design. Contact us to arrange a remote quotation.

Your choice of style and colour

You have plenty of decisions to make concerning window style, the material and colour of your frame, and extras such as decorative glass. You can create your own personal stained glass design, or install leaded or obscure glass in your home, for instance.

To provide us with the information we need to give you a quote on your double or triple glazing, fill in our online form to get a quote tailored to your home. Alternatively, you can give one of our friendly team a call on 0800 500 600.