Wooden Front Doors

  • Wooden front door in Golden Oak
  • Golden oak wooden Shannon front door with matching window
    Golden oak timber Shannon front door
  • Anthracite Grey wooden front door
  • Front of home with wooden front door in Anthracite Grey
    Front of home with wooden front door in Anthracite Grey
  • White wooden front door with inside and outdoors view

Survey and Installation Included

  • Energy-efficient
  • Secure multi-point locking
  • Finance available from £249 deposit and 12.9% APR
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A natural wooden front door has a unique beauty that other materials continue to try and mimic. With their long lifespan and range of colours, truly there's nothing like the real deal. Add character to your home with the feel and authenticity that solid timber doors offer modern and period homes.

Our FSC®-certified sustainable hardwood doors are available in over 20 solid and partially glazed styles. Wooden doors are naturally insulating and energy-efficient, helping to keep the heat inside your home and stop cold air getting in.

Wooden Door Styles

  • Spay Steel Blue wooden door


  • Arun Anthracite Grey wooden door


  • Avon Buttercup Yellow wooden door


  • Bure White wooden door


  • Calder Burgundy Red wooden front door


  • Clyde Eucalyptus wooden door


  • Eden Fir Green wooden door


  • Medway White wooden door


  • Mersey Buttercup Yellow wooden door


  • Ribble Fir Green wooden door


  • Rother Black wooden door


  • Severn Primrose Yellow wooden door


  • Shanon Olive Green wooden door


  • Tamar White wooden door


  • Tay Steel Blue wooden door


  • Thames Ivory wooden door


  • Trent Steel Blue wooden door


  • Tweed Pillar Box Red wooden door


  • Tyne Emerald Green wooden door


  • Wensum Pillar Box Red wooden door


  • Witham White wooden door


  • Wye Burgundy red wooden door


Wooden Front Door Colours

No other material is as welcoming and accepting of paint as wood. There are over 200 colourful paints and multiple wooden stains to choose from in our wooden front door colour range that bring out its texture and natural beauty. Find the perfect solid timber door colour to complement your home from our range of near-match RAL colours. Our wooden door styles also come as a dual colour option, with the colour of your choice on the outside and white on the inside.

  • Anthracite Grey door colour swatch from the Anglian front door coloursAnthracite Grey
  • Bluebell colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursBluebell
  • Burgundy colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursBurgundy
  • Buttercup Yellow colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursButtercup Yellow
  • Dark Woodgrain colour swatch from the Anglian door coloursDark Woodgrain
  • Emerald Green colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursEmerald Green
  • Eucalyptus Green colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursEucalyptus
  • Fir Green colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursFir Green
  • Golden Oak woodgrain colour swatch from the Anglian door coloursGolden Oak
  • Ivory White colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursIvory
  • Jet Black colour swatch from the Anglian door coloursJet Black
  • Olive Green colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursOlive Green
  • Pillar Box Red colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursPillar Box Red
  • RAL window colour swatch from the Anglian window colour rangeRAL
  • Steel Blue colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursSteel Blue
  • White colour swatch from the Anglian door coloursWhite
  • Primrose Yellow colour swatch from the Anglian wooden door coloursZinc Yellow

Wooden Door Furniture

Add the finishing touches to your wooden front door with Gold, Chrome or Black door accessories. Match original features and meet compliance rules if your property is in a conservation area with our Antique Black range of wooden door furniture.

Door Knockers

Wooden front door knockers

Door Handles

Wooden front door handles

Letter Plates

Wooden front door letter plates


Why Choose Wooden Doors?

  1. Secure

    Our wooden front doors have a multipoint locking system, with a central deadbolt and two locking hooks when you lift the handle up. Approved by locksmiths, the police and the BSI (British Standards Institution), the Yale 3-star cylinder lock is anti-snap, anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill and anti-plug, leaving your home locked tight.

  2. Natural Insulation and Soundproofing

    You may remember from school that wood is a poor conductor of heat, but this makes our hardwood doors naturally good insulators. Real wood preserves heat and warmth in winter and helps keep cold from leaving the timber in the summer.

  3. Increase the Value of your Home

    There’s something luxurious about the look of wood. It's the reason most other types of front door attempt to mimic it. Real timber doors and windows almost always demand a premium price whenever a home with a modern wooden front door is sold.

  4. Long-lasting

    A hardwood front door is known for its durability. For extra strength and resistance against warping, our wooden doors are manufactured from 44mm thick alternating laminated ply layers. A thin layer of aluminium is added just below the inside and outside surface for improved weather resistance.

Anglian Wooden and Hardwood Doors

Anthracite Grey wooden front door with side panels Anglian Home UK

The Best Coloured Finish

We apply three coats of microporous water-based paint to our timber doors. This is equivalent to 15 coats of brush applied paint when dry. We’re so confident in our timber preservative and treatment process that our wooden front doors come with a 30-year guarantee against rot and fungal attacks.

Golden Oak wooden external door Anglian Home UK

Responsibly Sourced

We help promote responsible management of the world’s forests by selling products made with wood from FSC®-certified forests. The timber for our hardwood doors is made from FSC®-certified and other controlled material from around the world. FSC® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife that call them home.

Close up of wooden front door with handle

Superior Construction

Our wooden front doors are made from 44mm thick alternating layers of ply with an insulating foam core. The door face is made from two layers of tough hardwood timber with an aluminium layer sandwiched between for extra weather resistance.

Our happy customers

Mr & Mrs Yeghiazarian

White wooden door with cottage bars

“A friend highly recommended Anglian to us and the service provided was fantastic. The design consultant explained what material was most suitable for our bedroom balcony door and answered our questions. The new timber door is energy efficient and the bedroom is much warmer.”
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Why Anglian?

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Wooden Door FAQs

Are doors made from wood energy efficient?

Wood is an energy-efficient material, because wood doors are poor conductors of heat, making them a great insulator for your home. Wooden front doors will help keep heat from escaping your home as well as both cold and hot air from entering from the outside. This means wooden doors will help improve the energy efficiency of your home. All our timber doors are compliant with building regulations around energy efficiency.

Are wooden doors secure?
While hardwood itself is a naturally tough material to make wooden front doors out of, the frame and locking mechanism must also be high quality. Anglian wooden front doors are made from two layers of hardwood timber with an aluminium layer sandwiched between for extra weather resistance. Multipoint locking and a Yale 3-star cylinder lock keep your home locked tight.
How long do wooden doors last?
When painted or stained regularly, wooden doors can last a lifetime. This is because wood is more susceptible to changes in temperature and can incur damage like warping or twisting without the proper care. As a result, a small amount of regular maintenance to protect against this as well as insects and general wear and tear is required. Anglian wooden front doors come with long guarantees on individual parts of the door, frame and lock to keep you covered.
How do you paint a wooden door?
Before you paint a wooden door, you’ll need to properly sand it down and prime it with a suitable wood primer. Once you’ve carried out these two steps, you can apply an appropriate wood paint using a brush, starting with the edges and moving inwards until you finish with the mouldings and panels. We recommend that you check your guarantee before starting any work and bring in a professional to help.
Are wooden doors better than uPVC?
Wooden doors are one of the best sustainable door options. Compared to uPVC, hardwood doors can have up to double the lifespan and give a look and feel that no other material can match. uPVC is the best option for those looking to get the most affordable option that saves money on heating bills, while wooden doors are popular for their aesthetics, insulating properties and sustainability.
Are Anglian wooden doors environmentally friendly?
We are proud to say that we make every effort to ensure our wooden doors are as environmentally friendly as possible. When you see the FSC® logo on our timber door products, this means they are made from wood from well-managed FSC®-certified forests, recycled materials, and other materials from controlled sources. The Forest Stewardship Council® is dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. To learn more, visit www.fsc.org.

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