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Before getting in touch, please check our quick links to the most commonly asked questions.

I need to speak to someone about my order
Once your order is processed, a surveyor will carry out an inspection. When approved, your products are manufactured and you’ll receive an installation date from your local team. Please contact us for additional order updates.

[email protected]

0800 131 3356
10am – 3pm Monday – Friday

Web Chat
Click here to get a quick response

Click here to chat via WhatsApp, or scan the QR code below:

Anglian Home Improvements
Customer Services
Liberator Road
I need to reschedule my home visit or installation date
Please contact by email at the address listed below to reschedule a home visit or installation.

[email protected]
I would like to request a service visit
If you would like to make a request for a service engineers visit or any replacement parts, please log this on our online facility. Our online facility gives our customers convenient 24/7 access to request remedial works and replacement parts for the duration of your Anglian Home Improvements warranty or the ability to request a quote for out of warranty works required.
I would like to purchase from the online shop
Our online shop which has lots of options for replacement parts that are very easy to fit at home with most taking under two minutes to complete and come with video guides and full instructions. Please note that we cannot accept requests for service or replacement parts via email or phone – all requests should be registered online here.

For any Press Office enquiries, please email [email protected].