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Made in Britain, our uPVC windows are available in a range of colours and finishes. Choose from A or A+ double glazed uPVC windows, or upgrade to A++ triple glazed flush windows, ideal for maximum energy savings and soundproofing to prevent noise pollution. 

We are one of only a few fully integrated double-glazing suppliers that extrudes, fabricates and installs uPVC windows and doors right here in the UK. Our unique uPVC window formulation has remained an industry secret and staple of quality for more than 50 years. 

With the perfect balance of durability and affordability, our made-to-measure uPVC windows are available in casement, flush casement, sliding sash, and tilt & turn styles - with cottage bar window and bay window designs available.

uPVC Window Styles

uPVC Casement Windows

Casement windows are our bestselling style of modern uPVC frame, available in a wide range of sizes and configurations.

  • Modern, no-fuss window
  • A+ triple glazing option
  • FENSA and GGF accredited
View uPVC Casement Windows

uPVC Flush Windows

Flush casement windows sit flush with the window frame to create clean and simple lines for a pleasing finish.

  • Flat to frame casement windows
  • Contemporary clean look
  • A++ high energy rating option
View uPVC Flush Windows

uPVC Sash Windows

Our uPVC windows are the perfect choice for traditional and modern-traditional properties.

  • A-rated energy efficiency
  • Painted or woodgrain effects
  • Elegant handles and furniture
View uPVC Sash Windows

uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

With their sophisticated hinge mechanism, uPVC tilt and turn windows are convenient, stylish and easy to clean from the inside.

  • Two different ways to open
  • Ideal for extensions and orangeries
  • Unique design for maximum ventilation
View Tilt and Turn Windows

See what uPVC Windows and Doors look like on your home

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Design your own windows and doors with Anglian's design visualiser

uPVC Window Colour Options

Our bestselling modern uPVC windows are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit any home. Choose from the classic White Knight or a selection of popular dual colours, including light and dark woodgrain effect frames in our casement and flush casement styles.

  • White Knight colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursWhite Knight
  • Golden Oak colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursGolden Oak
  • Dark Woodgrain colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursDark Woodgrain
  • White Woodgrain colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursWhite Woodgrain
  • Dual Anthracite Grey colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursDual Anthracite Grey
  • Dual Cream colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursDual Cream
  • Dual Dark Woodgrain colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursDual Dark Woodgrain
  • Dual Golden Oak colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursDual Golden Oak
  • Dual Sage Green colour swatch from the Anglian window coloursDual Sage Green

uPVC Flush Casement window colours

  • Dual Agate Grey colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursDual Agate Grey
  • Dual Black Ash colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursDual Black Ash
  • Dual English Oak colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursDual English Oak
  • Dual Grey Cedar colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursDual Grey Cedar
  • English Oak colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursEnglish Oak
  • Heritage White colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursHeritage White
  • Dual Anthracite Grey colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursDual Anthracite Grey
  • Dual Cream colour swatch from the Anglian flush window coloursDual Cream
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Why Choose uPVC Windows?

  1. The most energy-efficient by design

    Save money on your heating bills with double and triple glazing uPVC windows that minimise the heat escaping from your home. Made from Anglian’s unique uPVC formula, your new windows retain the heat better in winter and reflect more heat in the summer.

  2. More window for your money

    uPVC is popular choice because it is both secure and stylish. The huge range of configurations makes uPVC windows perfect for both whole house replacements and single window upgrades.

  3. Ideal for noisy areas

    If you live on a flight path or near a busy road, uPVC windows with Anglian’s Safe & Sound double glazing offer 39db sound protection, higher than the standard 33db protection.  

  4. Secured by Design accredited

    Anglian's modern uPVC windows are accredited by this police initiative to help 'design out' crime through innovative window security. Our window frames have multipoint locking while the window glass is beaded from the inside so it can't be removed from the outside.

  5. Designed to be low maintenance

    Our uPVC windows are easy to clean, weather-resistant and won't ever rust, rot or flake. There is no need to treat, oil or paint your uPVC windows after installation. Simply wipe with a cloth and clean, soapy water.

Modern white uPVC double glazed kitchen casement window from the Anglian windows range

Compare uPVC Windows

B energy rating A energy rating A+ energy rating A++ energy rating
uPVC Casement
View Casement
uPVC Flush Casement View Flush Casement
uPVC Sash View Sash
uPVC Tilt and Turn View Tilt and Turn

Customise your new uPVC Windows

Bay & Cottage Windows

Our made-to-measure uPVC casement and sash windows also come in a bay window configuration. Create panoramic views with multiple panes of glass, available in up to A++ triple glazing. Alternatively, choose from three different cottage bar window designs in our uPVC casement, flush and sash styles.

Bay Windows, available from Anglian Home Improvements

Double & Triple Glazing

With A-rated double glazing glass as standard, our modern uPVC windows keep your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Our top-performing A++ rated triple-glazed uPVC windows are a great choice to reduce heat loss even further with three panes of 4mm glass.

White UPVC casement windows triple glazed with white window handles from the Anglian triple glazing window range

Faux Woodgrain Options

Light and dark woodgrain uPVC windows provide the classic look of wood without the price tag or upkeep that comes with the real thing. Our uPVC flush casement windows come in an extended range of faux woodgrain finishes, including the Tudor split option with a black frame and sill but white sash.

Cream flush casement window product tile from Anglian Home Improvements

Why Choose Anglian?

Certified British

Manufactured in Britain, our uPVC windows are made to fit your home. From producing our glass-sealed units and extruding our very own uPVC right through to local distribution, installation and aftersales.

Practical Design

Accredited by the British Standards Institute (BSI), Anglian's modern uPVC windows are designed with security and practicality in equal measure. uPVC is our most durable window material. It is also cost-effective and the easiest to maintain.

uPVC Sash Window

Styled by you

Select from a range of uPVC window design options, colours, finishes, handles and decorative glass options, including coloured and decorative bar designs, as well as obscure glass for a bit of privacy. We also have replacement window handles and other furniture to buy online at the Anglian shop.

Why Anglian?

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uPVC Window FAQs

How much do uPVC windows cost?

Depending on the colour and glazing you choose, uPVC windows tend to cost less than window frames made of wood or aluminium. Modern uPVC windows offer an excellent balance of security, durability and quality for your money. If you need new window frames, uPVC windows are among the most affordable options on the market.

How long do uPVC windows last on average?
Depending on the quality of the window, uPVC windows can last anywhere from 20 years upwards. Anglian White Knight uPVC windows in casement and tilt and turn styles hold the BBA accreditation, which means they can last more than 35 years.
What is best for cleaning uPVC windows?
It is best to clean your uPVC windows with a sponge and warm soapy water. Washing up liquid is ideal for this. Read our complete guide for cleaning uPVC windows for more information, or visit our online shop where you can find our uPVC Window clearing kit.
What colours do uPVC windows come in?
uPVC windows come in a wide variety of colours that complement the interior and exterior of your home. The options include dual-colour, where the inside is finished in white and the outside is coloured. The most popular uPVC window colours are Anthracite Grey, Sage Green, White Knight, Dark Woodgrain, Golden Oak, Cream and White Woodgrain all of which are available from Anglian.
What is the difference between PVC and uPVC windows?
The main difference between PVC and uPVC is that PVC contains two plasticizers, BPA and phthalates, which makes the plastic much more flexible. In contrast, the 'u' in uPVC means it is unplasticized and does not have these extra materials added. The removal of these plasticizer makes it much stronger and far more suited to uPVC windows and door manufacturing.
What is better aluminium or uPVC frames?
While modern uPVC windows are considered ideal for whole-home renovations on a budget, aluminium windows are chosen for their slim frames and big range of colours. Both materials have high energy ratings and offer a high level of security and durability. Talk to our team today to find out more about the differences and decide which is best for your home.
Can modern uPVC windows be fitted to existing wooden frames?

We do not recommend that you leave existing frames in place when fitting modern uPVC windows. We replace your existing window frames during the fitting process, regardless of your window frame material. Installing modern uPVC windows together with new frames ensures a perfect fit and maximum thermal efficiency.

Should I replace wooden windows with uPVC?
uPVC is an excellent option if you are looking to replace your existing wooden windows on a budget. Thermally-efficient, affordable and available in a wide selection of colours to suit your property, uPVC is a foolproof choice.

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