Veranda Conservatories

  • White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Exterior at Back of House
    White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Exterior
  • Golden Oak uPVC Veranda Conservatory Interior
    Golden Oak uPVC Veranda Conservatory Interior
  • White PVCU veranda conservatory with outdoor furniture
    White uPVC veranda conservatory with outdoor furniture
  • White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Interior
    White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Interior
  • White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Exterior in Open Position
    White uPVC Veranda Conservatory in Open Position
  • White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Interior with Living Room Furniture
    White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Interior
  • White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Exterior Side View
    White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Exterior
  • White uPVC Veranda Conservatory Interior in Open Position
    White uPVC Veranda Conservatory in Open Position

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A veranda is the perfect way to relax in your outdoor space but stay protected from showers or the heat of the day. Our range includes extending the front or side of an existing lean-to or Regency conservatory, a replacement veranda roof, or a standalone veranda to add a new dimension to your garden.

Make your living space unique with a range of customisations, such as adding a side wall for some wind protection, and glass or polycarbonate roof options. Browse the full veranda collection in our free conservatory brochure today.

What is a Veranda?

A veranda is a covered outdoor space with a roof that extends out or wraps around your home. Sometimes referred to as an open-air porch, some verandas have glass panel sides or solid walls for added protection and privacy, while others are open on all sides. A veranda can also be added to a conservatory to provide a more flexible indoor to outdoor space.

White PVCU veranda exterior entrance view

Reasons to Choose a Veranda Conservatory

  1. Sheltered Living Space

    A veranda conservatory connects your indoor space with your garden. Unlike a canvas awning or freestanding pergola, a veranda is a solid addition to your home. The roof and sides of the veranda let you enjoy the natural light and views of your garden while protecting you from the wind and rain.

  2. A Space for Entertaining

    A veranda is a great space for entertaining guests. You can use it for dining, drinking, or simply relaxing with friends and family. The sheltered and comfortable environment of a veranda makes it the perfect place to host parties, barbecues or other social events.

  3. Increased Property Value

    A veranda conservatory is a way to create more living space similar to a single-storey extension which can increase the value of your property. Studies have shown that conservatories and verandas can add up to 10% to the value of a home.

Large uPVC lean to conservatory veranda living space in White from Anglian Home Improvements

Features of an Anglian Veranda

Roof Options

Our veranda roofs are available with polycarbonate, glass roof or Solaroof glass. Compared to standard clear glazing, our Solaroof blocks 98% of UV rays which can cause your conservatory furniture to fade. The glass reduces glare and reflects 75% of the sun’s heat, keeping your veranda at a comfortable temperature.

Golden oak PVCU veranda close up

Colour Options

Our verandas come in our staple uPVC colour range which includes, White, White Woodgrain, Dark Woodgrain, Golden Oak, Dual Anthracite Grey, Dual Sage Green and Dual Cream. Our dual colours mean the inside of your veranda conservatory is white, while the outside can be your chosen colour.

White PVCU veranda with aluminium support

Aluminium Supports

While our verandas are mostly constructed from uPVC, the support posts and beams are made from aluminium. Aluminium is a lightweight choice for verandas that are attached to a house that doesn’t put strain on the structure. The posts are powder coated to match your chosen colour option.

Choosing the Perfect Veranda

White PVCU veranda conservatory interior with dining table

Design Consultation

Our design consultants work with you during your home visit to bring your veranda design to life. Whether you choose a conservatory and veranda or a standalone, you can explore the full range and talk to us for advice.

Golden oak PVCU veranda conservatory with solid wall

Bespoke for Your Home

Choose from our uPVC colours, roofing options and sizes to suit your home. Add a side wall for privacy, or wrap the veranda around your home to maximise space. Create a unique veranda that is the perfect addition to your property.

White PVCU veranda conservatory interior

End-to-End Service

After fitting, our installers show you how to get the most out of your new veranda, and provide cleaning and maintenance tips to help you make it last. After they’ve gone, we’ll contact you again to ensure you’re happy with your new veranda and that the installation went smoothly.

Our happy customers

Dunn 5
Mr Cave, Woking

White uPVC Veranda conservatory

”We chose Anglian because we loved the design of the conservatory with veranda attached. The installers were marvelous and worked so hard. The veranda is our new favourite feature of the garden! We’d definitely recommend Anglian.”
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White PVCU veranda consservatory

Customer Reviews

Why Anglian?

  • Flexible finance

    Spread the cost of your veranda with our low-rate finance plan from 12.9% APR variable.

  • Quality guaranteed

    Our verandas are made and designed in Britain and come with a 10-year parts and labour guarantee.

  • Delivery and installation included

    The price includes the home visit or remote quotation, and survey, manufacturing, installation and aftersales care.

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Veranda FAQs

Do I need planning permission for a veranda?

Generally, you don’t need planning permission to install a veranda in the UK. There are few instances where it may be necessary, such as if the veranda is going to be larger than 50% of your home’s footprint. There could also be a need for planning permission if your home is a listed building, or if the veranda is going to be over three metres in height. For most homes, these factors won’t be an issue, but if required we take care of any planning permission for you during the design process.

How much does a veranda cost in the UK?

The cost of building and installing a veranda in the UK will vary depending on the size, material and level of customisation. If you are on a budget, there are a few things you can do to save money on a veranda, such as choosing a smaller size and keeping the design simple. Anglian offer a full-service including home visit, survey and any planning permission, manufacture, installation and aftercare. Get a free, no-obligation quote to ensure you are getting the best possible price for your veranda.

What is the difference between a porch and veranda?

In the UK, we call a porch an extra enclosed space on the front of your house that creates a spacious entrance and adds more security. A veranda is a covered outdoor space designed for relaxing and entertaining, extending out over a patio or from a conservatory. A veranda can be placed anywhere around a house, providing a flexible indoor/outdoor space, while a porch is specifically an addition to the entrance of your home. This is different to the American idea of a porch which acts in a similar way to the British concept of a veranda.

Is a veranda the same as a conservatory?

A veranda is not the same as a conservatory. A conservatory is an enclosed space with windows, frames, and doors, whereas a veranda is a roofed open-air space. Although verandas can be added to a conservatory, verandas are considered outdoor living spaces, whereas a conservatory is an indoor extension of your house. Verandas are usually quicker to install as they don’t require the same foundation work that a conservatory does.

Does a veranda need a gutter?

Yes, most verandas will require some form of guttering to collect and move rainwater away. Many people install hidden gutters in their veranda, concealed within the roof section, so they're not comprising on design and aesthetics.

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