A Guide To Energy Efficient Windows

Anglian energy efficient windows help you save money on your heating bills and lower your carbon footprint. Our double glazed windows are A-rated as standard for energy efficiency, and our triple glazing is rated up to A++ with uPVC flush windows. Explore materials and styles to see how you could improve your home's energy performance.

Energy Efficiency by Type

Learning about the energy efficiency of windows helps you to make informed choices on ways to help lower your heating bills and carbon footprint.

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Wooden flush casement kitchen window in Cream with cottage bars from the Anglian flush window range

Energy-Efficient Windows And Doors Savings: The Complete Guide

See how much you could save on your energy bills when you upgrade to Anglian energy efficient windows.

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Energy Ratings Explained

Our guide to energy ratings cuts through the jargon to help you make better, informed decisions on your new windows.

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Double glazed white uPVC casement window side-hung from the Anglian uPVC casement window range

How do double and triple-glazed windows work?

Reducing energy bills, increasing security and insulating the home, double-glazed windows are becoming essential for every homeowner. But how exactly do they do this? We're here to explain the science behind our energy-efficient windows.

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Reasons to Choose Energy Efficient Windows

  1. Improve Thermal Efficiency

    Our A-rated, A+ and A++ rated energy efficient windows improve thermal efficiency and helps keep your home warm. They make the most of solar energy and prevent warm air escaping. This helps you maintain a comfortable temperature in your home all year round.

  2. Reduce your Carbon Footprint

    Energy efficient windows reduce the amount of energy you use. Your home loses less heat, meaning you use your heating less, lowering your energy consumption. Using less energy means you produce less CO2, and saves you money on bills too.

  3. Less Condensation

    Condensation forms on windows when moist air meets cold glass. Spacer bars between the panes create a thermal break, preventing inner glass getting too cold. Low-E glass reflects heat back into your room, keeping inner panes warm in warm rooms. These features in our windows reduce the risk of condensation forming.

  4. Add Value to your Home

    A low score on an Energy Performance Certificate could lower the chances of selling your house. A Government report on property sales found making energy saving improvements could increase the value of your home by 14-38%. Upgrading your windows can increase your score, lower your bills, and add value to your home.

  5. More Cost Effective

    New windows often have higher window energy ratings than old ones. Replacing pre-2002 double glazing with our A-rated double glazing could save you £184.25 per year* on energy bills. uPVC A-rated windows are also more cost-effective compared with Aluminium and Wood, saving you money in the short and long term.

*Source Glass and Glazing Federation. † A typical detached house has 23.7m2 of windows. Based on replacing uPVC double glazed windows with a 12-14mm sealed unit and gas central heating with A-Rated thermally efficient windows.

White uPVC flush casement windows whole house (1)

Compare Energy Efficiency by Window Type

Casement Sash Tilt & Turn Bay Cottage
uPVC Wood uPVC Wood uPVC Wood uPVC Wood uPVC Wood
A++ rated - - - - - - - -
A+ rated - - - - - -
A rated - -
B rated - - -
Triple Glazing - - - - - - -

Why Anglian?

  • Flexible finance

    Spread the cost of your new windows and doors with our low rate finance plan from 12.9% APR variable.

  • Quality guaranteed

    Your windows and doors come with a 10-year guarantee and 15-year sealed unit guarantee.

  • Delivery and installation included

    The price includes the home visit or remote quotation, and the survey, manufacturing, double glazing installation and aftersales for your windows.

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Your Questions Answered by us

What are energy efficient windows?
Energy efficient windows is the term used to describe glazing with two or more glass panes within a sealed unit. This glazing is fitted into a frame made from uPVC, wood or Aluminium. Double and triple glazed windows help keep as much heat from escaping your home as possible. They reduce the amount of heat lost through your windows, lowering the length of time it takes to heat a home and keep it warm. This leads to lower energy consumption, reduces the amount of CO2 you produce, and lowers your bills.
How do energy efficient windows work?
Energy saving windows use either two (double glazed) or three (triple glazed) panes of glass. Our windows use two panes of Low E glass which reflect heat back into your home to reduce heat loss. In triple glazing, a pane of Low Iron glass sits between the Low E panes, designed to let more of the sun's energy into a room. Both double and triple glazing have argon gas and thermal spacer bars between each pane, to minimise heat transfer between the glass, and help reduce moisture and draughts.
Do new windows help with energy efficiency?
New energy efficient windows can significantly help increase your home’s energy efficiency. They often have higher energy ratings than older double glazed windows. Our windows carry British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) window energy ratings. Ratings range from A++ to G, with A++ windows being the best. Nearly all Anglian windows are A-rated with double glazing and up to A++ rated for triple glazing with Flush uPVC. Upgrading your windows to the best energy efficient windows will keep your home warm, lower your energy bills and increase your home’s overall energy rating.
How important is window insulation?
If your windows are not well insulated, you may it takes longer and costs more money to heat your home. Poor insulation may also make your home more difficult to cool down in the summer. Investing in better window insulation is one of the most effective ways of preventing cold air from entering your home and stopping heat from escaping, saving you money on your energy bills and to keep you feeling warm and comfortable all year round.
How much difference do energy efficient windows make?

How much difference energy efficient windows make, depends on how high their energy rating is. They can help you save on your heating bills, how much depends on other factors like the size and type of home you have. They can help you maintain the warmth of your home in winter months, and how much heat your windows let in during summer months. They can also help you use less energy, reducing your carbon footprint. Replacing your old double glazing with double glazing with an A+ energy rating could help you reduce your carbon usage by 140kg per year*.

*Source Glass and Glazing Federation. † A typical detached house has 23.7m2 of windows. Based on replacing uPVC double glazed windows with a 12-14mm sealed unit and gas central heating with A+-Rated thermally efficient windows.

Our Accreditations and Licenses

  • British Board of Agrement accreditation for uPVC windows from Anglian Home Improvements
    The British Board of Agrement provides certification on the quality of our products.
  • Anglian’s PVC-U Casement and Tilt & Turn windows have enhanced security performance.
  • BFRC logo
    The British Fenestration Ratings Council is the UK’s national system for rating energy efficient windows.
  • FENSA logo
    The Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme ensures window installers comply with buildings regulations in England & Wales.
  • FSC standalone logo TIF green
    Look for our FSC® certified wooden window and door products on our website.
  • Glass and Glazing Federation logo
    Anglian is a leading member of the Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF).
  • Recovinyl Plus logo
    PVC Industry initiative to improve manufacturing, minimise emissions and develop recycling practices
  • TrustMark is a government endorsed not-for-profit organisation that operates through more than 30 scheme operators.

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