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Sectional Garage Doors

Add a touch of class to your home with a steel sectional garage door. Made up of hinged sections that curve round and back along a track inside the garage, our steel garage doors save on space. The double-skinned panels are filled with 42mm insulating foam and all four sides of the door have rubber weather seals. With three designs to choose from, these garage doors are perfect for a home gym, classic car storage or secure parking for your car.

Find out the cost of your new sectional garage doors here.

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Steel sectional garage door in Anthracite Grey from the Anglian sectional garage door range

Roller Garage Doors

Save valuable space inside your garage with an aluminium roller garage door. Rolling into a compact box behind the brickwork, roller shutter garage doors are ideal for taller cars and to maximise garage storage space. The double-skin insulated door comes in standard and extra compact sizes where headroom is restricted. Aluminium roller garage doors are a cost-effective and practical garage door packed with security features like anti-lift locking straps and an intruder alarm.

View size and pricing options for your new roller garage door here.

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Modern electric aluminium roller garage door from Anglian Home Improvements

Explore Garage Door Types

Steel Sectional Garage Doors Aluminium Roller Garage Doors
Styles Standard vertical opening

(+Low Headroom version available)

77mm insulated laths and a 300mm roll size.


55mm insulated laths and a 205mm roll size, perfect for maximising headroom.

  • Smooth Smooth
  • Woodgrain-Smooth Woodgrain Smooth
  • Woodgrain-Embossed Woodgrain Embossed
  • Ribbed Ribbed
  • Smooth Metallic
  • Smooth Smooth
  • Woodgrain-Smooth Woodgrain Smooth
  • White White
  • Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
  • Steel Blue Steel Blue
  • Sage Green Sage Green
  • Fir Green Fir Green
  • Jet Black Jet Black
  • Ruby Red Ruby Red
  • Cream Cream
  • Duck Egg Blue Duck Egg Blue
  • Dark Woodgrain Dark Woodgrain
  • Golden Oak Golden Oak
  • Metallic Anthracite Grey Metallic Anthracite Grey
Colour availability varies by design choice
  • White White
  • Anthracite Grey Anthracite Grey
  • Steel Blue Steel Blue
  • Sage Green Sage Green
  • Fir Green Fir Green
  • Jet Black Jet Black
  • Ruby Red Ruby Red
  • Cream Cream
  • Duck Egg Blue Duck Egg Blue
  • Dark Woodgrain Dark Woodgrain
  • Golden Oak Golden Oak
Colour availability varies by design choice

Why choose an Anglian Garage Door?

  1. Electrically operated with remote control

    Open your garage door from inside your house or your car on a rainy day. Few things compare to the feeling as you watch your garage door open automatically while you stay dry.

  2. Space saving design

    Taking up less space with its roll-up barrel design, roller shutter garage doors are the best if space is at a premium. The door rolls up into a compact box behind the brickwork.

  3. Safety as standard

    Our garage doors automatically lock when closed to keep the door secure. Collision detection comes as standard – if the door detects an obstruction, it will reverse direction.

  4. Just the right level of insulation

    Roller garage doors have deep aluminium slats insulate against cold, heat and sound. Our steel garage doors take this one step further with rubber seals between each section of the door.

  5. Security as standard

    Anti-forcing and anti-drop devices on all our garage doors protect against unwanted intruders. Double-skinned insulated panels enhance the level of security even further.

Pair of Anthracite Grey steel sectional garage doors in Georgian style outside a large white traditional house

Anglian take care of the details

Made for your home

All our garage doors are made to measure to match the exact height and width of the space in your home.

Dark Woodgrain steel sectional garage door from Anglian steel sectional garage door range

Feel safe & secure

Your garage door is designed to fight back against burglars. Our Roller Garage doors are fitted with anti-lift locking straps, while our Elite Steel Sectional Garage doors feature a unique 'backdrive' which reacts against attempts to force doors upwards.

Style as standard

Choose from a wide range of colours, handles, glass options and additional security features to make your garage door bespoke down to the very last detail.

Pair of Fir Green single garage doors in aluminium roller style from Anglian Home Improvements

Why Anglian?

  • Made in Britain

    All Anglian garage doors are Made in Britain and we are proud to carry the official mark demonstrating that our products are good quality, great value and British-made.

  • Fully surveyed & installed

    Buy your garage door with confidence through Anglian's Shop. All our garage doors are provided with a full survey prior to manufacture and complete installation.

  • Quality guaranteed

    Your garage door comes with a 5-year guarantee.

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Garage Doors FAQ

What are roller shutter garage doors?

A roller shutter garage door is a like a curtain made of slats that roll up into a compact box that sits behind the brickwork inside your garage. Made from either steel or aluminium, our roller garage doors are designed to maximise driveway space and storage inside your garage.

Buy an Anglian roller garage door online now.

Which is better, a steel or aluminium garage door?

Coming in standard and compact sizes, double-skinned Aluminium doors are the best practical cost-effective garage door design for taller cars and maximising garage storage space. By contrast, our steel garage doors have more insulation and are better suited to home gyms, classic car storage or secure parking for your car overnight.

Learn more: Garage door price list

How much do garage doors cost?

The price of a garage door will vary depending on your chosen style, colour and size. Visit our online shop to discover how much your new door would cost.

Which garage door opener is best?

The best garage door openers are electrically operated, open quietly and come with safety features. Imagine that it’s raining outside and you’re looking at your garage from inside your car – you’re going to wish you had an automatic garage door opener. Our aluminium and steel garage doors both come with collision detection which automatically reverses if an obstruction is detected. For those conscious of noise, our steel garage doors come with a ‘quiet close’ DC motor, great for opening and closing the garage door at night.

View the full list of features and optional accessories on our Aluminium roller and Steel sectional garage doors.

Are garage doors insulated?

Anglian garage doors are all available with high levels of insulation as standard to protect from draughts, wind, rain and dust. Our aluminium garage doors are double-skinned and filled with foam to provide sound and heat insulation. For added protection against the cold, our steel garage doors come with weather seals on all four sides and in-between each steel section of the door, making this design great for a home gym, classic car storage or a secure spot for your car.

View the detailed specifications of our two garage door types on the Anglian shop.

Are garage doors secure?

Both roller and sectional garage doors do not have an obvious point of entry and the automatic opening mechanism inside the garage, hidden from potential intruders. Anglian garage doors lock automatically when closed and come fitted with anti-forcing and anti-drop devices. Visit our online shop today, to discover all the features of our Roller and Steel Sectional Garage Doors.