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How to Choose Window Frame Colours

New windows can transform the aesthetic of your property. After you’ve chosen the material and style of windows you want, you need to decide on colour. So how do you choose the right window frame colours for your home?

In this guide, discover how to complement your home's exterior look and style. Plus, we’ll also look at matching your window frame colours with your front door and interiors too.

Consider the Style of Your Property

It’s important to think about which window frame colours suit the style of your home.

If you live in an older property, more traditional or muted colours work best. Red or yellow brick Victorian or Edwardian houses tend to suit white, cream or dark grey. Very old properties with neutral render suit most colours or natural wood finishes, but can be restricted by listed status.

Modern homes give you the freedom to make bold choices for your window frame colours. Anthracite grey is a popular option and adds contrast to a white or cream render. Black can be a striking choice but you could opt for greens, blues or even reds and make a real statement.

Think twice before you hop on the back of any current trends. There’s a reason that white continues to be the most popular window frame colour. White windows are a classic, timeless option that contrast and complement traditional brick colours.

Match Window Frame Colours With Your Front Door

It’s a good idea to match the colour of your windows with your front door. That isn't to say they need to be the same colour, but they at least need to complement each other. If you have a bright front door you might want to avoid bright windows and instead opt for something more muted that lets the door colour stand alone.

Complement Your Internal Walls

It's easy to do - you find the perfect colour or finish for the outside but it might not fit with your style inside. The most neutral window frame colour is white, which fits with any style. This is why dual colour uPVC frames exist - they give you the colour you want outside while keeping it neutral with white inside.

White frames inside give you the freedom to paint your room the colour you want. Natural wood finishes can be a great way to match windows to wooden floors and create a warm feel for your home. Darker or bold window frame colours inside give the windows a more prominent place in the room.

Whatever your style, our colours page will give you plenty of window frame colour ideas.

Choosing Between a Gloss or Matte Frame Finish

A matt finish is more subtle while gloss is bolder. A matte finish will make the frame appear lighter, while a high gloss finish is darker.

Anglian colours have a matt finish excluding White which is a high gloss finish, and Light Grey which is a satin finish. There are 200 RAL colours available, too on aluminium or wooden window frames.

What Your Window Frame Colour Choices Say About You

The window frame colours you pick can say something about your personality. Find out what these colours mean and bring them into your design choices.


White is a classic choice for both traditional and contemporary homes. White also symbolises purity, simplicity and cleanliness.


Black frames are a strong statement – there’s a reason 10 Downing Street has a black door. Black works well for windows too, giving an air of sophistication, elegance or formality.


Anglian windows are available in a dark chocolate brown. Brown symbolises health, wellbeing and positivity, which is good news if you want to project a calming, positive atmosphere.


Whether light grey or dark grey, we’re seeing more people choose grey for both windows and doors. It gives an air of modernity, neutrality and sophistication.


Green is a popular colour for UK homeowners. Choose a light green shade with our eucalyptus or olive frames or darker fir green frames. Green is a welcoming colour, symbolising growth, health and harmony.


You want the outside of your house to make your guests and family feel at home immediately. Cream evokes humility, comfort and openness. Choose timber windows in ivory for a clean but warm look to your home.

Do I Need Planning Permission to Change Window Frame Colour?

No, you don’t need planning permission if you want to change the colour of your window frames.

In you live in a listed building or conservation area, you may need consent from the local authority to change your window frame colour. Visit your local authority website to check the rules and whether they apply. You must follow the guidance on the colours and style of windows and frames.

Choose a Colour for Your Windows With Anglian

We have nearly 60 years’ experience working with our customers to improve their homes. Our expert design team works with you to understand your preferred colours and help you create the windows you’ve been dreaming of. We produce top-quality products that are all made in Britain by skilled craftspeople.

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