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What Size Conservatory Should You Choose?

By Phil Goult, Head of Conservatory Development at Anglian.

If you’re thinking about adding more space to your home, a conservatory is a great option. Creating a new space that adds light and room to relax and entertain can transform your home. Before you get too excited though, you must use the planning phase wisely in order to get the right conservatory for you.

A badly planned conservatory could end up being too small for your needs, making it a poor investment. If you design a conservatory too large, it could be quite costly to build, and make it expensive to heat as well. A good tip is to measure out the conservatory in the garden or use a room in your home of a similar size to gage the useability of the space.

This can save time and changes to the design in the long run. But how useable the space will be depends on what you plan to use it for.

How Would You use a Conservatory?

Conservatory come in many shapes and sizes - make sure yours fits your lifestyle

The conservatory was first used for growing plants and occasionally for social activities. Over the years, making a conservatory a more practical part of the home has become the norm. So you need to consider how you want the space to work for you.

If you have space you may want to choose a conservatory around 10ft x 20ft to accommodate the family dining table. However, you need to be careful not to overwhelm the size of your home or garden. One way to prevent the conservatory overtaking your outside space is to apply the rule of the golden ratio.

The Golden Ratio

Conservatory dimensions generally follow the Golden Ratio, used by artists, architects and found in nature. The Golden Ratio assumes aesthetic beauty can be achieved by adhering to a ratio of 1:1.168. So to get the perfect conservatory size, we start with the length of the side of the house it will be built onto.

So, if your house has a width of 28ft (roughly the average in Britain), your conservatory should have a width of 17.5ft. That means your new conservatory will look in perfect proportion to the house it is attached to. An aesthetically pleasing conservatory will add value to your property.

Depth is not part of the Golden Ratio, but it is important. Judge it for yourself based on the size of your garden and what you need the space for. Like aesthetics, a useable space can help add value to your home.

Most homes do not have huge gardens or space to play with. The main consideration for design should be not to overwhelm the available space.

Planning and Building Regulations

Whenever you have a project that changes the footprint of your home or requires building work, you might need planning permission. Our handy guide talks you through conservatory planning permission. If you get your conservatory through us, we take care of all the details and paperwork so you don't have to worry.

For a full list of the limits and conditions visit the conservatory section of the government’s planning portal. With regards to building regulations, most conservatories will be exempt if they have a floor area of under 30 square metres.

If you have a project that changes the size of your home or needs building work, you might need planning permission. Head to our guide to get a better understanding of conservatory planning permission. The good news is, if you get your conservatory with us, we take care of all the paperwork for you.

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