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Will a Conservatory Add Value to Your Home?

Adding a conservatory to your home will give you more space. Adding an extra room to your home can increase its value. Choosing the right fit and style is important, and the more usable the space the better.

How Much Value Will it Add?

A conservatory can increase the value of your home by up to 7%. The value it can add depends on the structure, build quality and how well it matches the rest of the home. To ensure the new space blends with your home and maintains a consistent interior style, it's crucial to carefully plan and design it.

Before you start, think carefully where you want to put it, the design and the layout. If it looks like a random addition or the space doesn't add anything, then it could harm the value. Conservatories that feel “bolted on” and not integrated with your home are less attractive to buyers.

You need to think about how much garden you’re sacrificing for your build. Adding a conservatory is a great way to connect your home to your garden. Just be careful that you don't lose too much or that could harm the value of your home too.

What About Potential Buyers?

Choose a conservatory that blends well with your home and adds valuable space. The space should be useable all year round and a shape that makes furnishing easy. Obviously personal space comes into it, but there are choices you can make that can help potential buyers.

Use the same flooring in the conservatory as the room you enter it from, this can help make it seem part of the main house. Make the entrance bigger or use doors that help create a seamless transition, like bifold. Use connecting doors with plenty of glass to help maximise light.

Our other conservatory guides are really useful in helping you decide on the style of conservatory for you. Alternatively, request a free brochure to browse our full collection at your leisure.

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