How to Decorate and Furnish Your Conservatory

Conservatories are designed to allow plenty of natural light into the inside space, which is why they are often used as orangeries or greenhouse extensions by green-thumbed homeowners. On the other hand, this room is often used as a place to relax and socialise in, which can be challenging to decorate and furnish because of the natural light and its properties.

The clear glass windows of the glorious conservatory replace your traditional room’s wallpapered or painted walls, but have the added ability to transform from light tones to dark as daylight makes the transition to night. This transformation in tone adds further considerations regarding lighting and furniture choice, which is why we’re going to look at the different aspects of a conservatory that need to be taken into consideration so that you can create the perfect conservatory décor.

Decorating Styles


While it is possible to decorate any style of conservatory in a way to give it a modern edge, the sleek, sharp lines of the Edwardian design perhaps lend itself best to a contemporary feel.

A conservatory is a perfect space for a bright, airy ambience. The way to go about this is to develop an open plan space with a light colour palette giving it a modern aesthetic which looks cool and is a pleasure to spend time in.

However, it is also possible to introduce a bit of colour to the space and maintain a contemporary look with brightly coloured blinds.

Modern white wooden conservatory


Adding rustic details such as wooden tables, rugged candle and gingham patterns can give a conservatory a wonderful country look. This goes well in a wooden conservatory or one made of uPVC with wood effect. However, be careful not to go overboard with the quirky pastoral flourishes...

With some elegant touches and a natural colour palette it is possible to achieve a wonderful looking conservatory which makes a great place to sit and enjoy the outdoors with countryside chic influences.


For many, a conservatory simply needs to be a relaxing place to sit and spend time in. Perhaps to read a book, watch the kids play in the garden or watch the television. Victorian or Elizabethan styles have a fantastic traditional look and you can do lots to the interior to make it a stylish and comfortable place to chill out. The décor regime below shows a versatile space where several people can enjoy the room in a variety of ways by relaxing on the enticingly cool leather sofas.

A lot of people see a conservatory as a way of bringing the outdoors inside. The greenhouse qualities of a conservatory mean growing a variety of flora is a doddle. 

With carefully chosen flooring, the right furniture, colour scheme and finishing touches such as plants and accessories you can make your conservatory exactly how you want it. 

Country style uPVC dual anthracite grey conservatory

Colour Scheme 

The colour scheme you choose for your conservatory can be influenced by many factors, including personal taste, however you will need to consider the size of the room and the effect this can have on different colour schemes.

High ceilings and big floor spaces allow you to have darker tones if that is your preference, because a larger proportion of the room is clear glass so light is still able to fill the room with ease.

Light and pastel colour schemes are more common for conservatories because they create an airy effect as natural light is able to bounce off the light colours and around the room, illuminating all objects that have a similar tone (creating an illusion of space).

It is worth noting that dark colours absorb light, which means they also absorb heat so, unless you have UV glass fitted or blinds for when heat is at its highest, your dark floors will be hot to walk on in bare feet, as will laminated or other flooring with darker tones.

Wooden Edwardian Conservatory

Flooring and Carpet

Most conservatories are built at the rear of the house, usually with a door that leads outside into the garden, which is why it makes sense not to carpet the entire floor space and instead have carpeted areas over-engineered wood flooring (veneer). This type of flooring is easy to clean if any dirt is accidentally brought in from the garden using a vacuum cleaner or damp cloth, whereas hardwood, carpet or laminated flooring are less suitable and slightly more difficult to maintain in a conservatory.

If possible, choose to have a medium to light wood tone installed on your conservatory floor because on sunny days when the temperature is high the flooring will dissipate some of the heat that is transmitted from natural light, allowing you to walk on it more comfortably than if a darker tone like black walnut was installed.

White uPVC conservatory verandah

Furniture Choices

When attempting to furnish a conservatory that is intended for relaxation and socialising, comfort is a key objective that the furniture should aim to achieve. Its easier for you to sit back and read a book or to converse with friends and family if you’re seated comfortably, however, there are some conservatory specific problems that will dictate the type of furniture you can buy, which has an immediate effect on the style you are attempting to create one of the reasons why many conservatory interiors result in an eclectic style.

One issue that limits furniture choice is exposure to sunlight for prolonged periods so unless you have UV protected windows it would be beneficial to avoid leather furnishings or other materials that fade when exposed to natural light.

Additionally, darker furnishings may also increase in temperature in the same circumstances, however, this depends on the type of material e.g. upholstered furniture wouldn’t be as hot to touch as a faux leather chair because upholstery has gaps for air to pass through whereas the latter traps the heat that is cast on it.

Recommended Furniture Types

Upholstered, wooden and rattan furniture types are amongst some of the most popular furniture used in conservatories because of their ability to resist the effects of exposure to natural light.

The conservatory furnishings can be any colour you’d prefer, however, by matching a brighter colour scheme you can help to illuminate the space and make it appear larger than it actually is ideal for smaller conservatories.

If you intend on having a small table of some kind in your conservatory, you can avoid creating too many shadows and dark areas by choosing a table that has a clear glass top, again aiding the objective of making the room appear big. Space is a premium in many homes therefore any tactic that can help them appear larger than they are is currently being adopted, especially for homeowners who are looking to sell.

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Dual Dark woodgrain Edwardian Conservatory