5 Ways to insulate your home

By on 10th September in Home Inspiration

number one

Loft Installation:

A badly insulated loft can lose 25 percent of heat through the roof. Loft insulation 270mm thick laid over the floor of the loft can save up to £150 a year.


number 2


Cavity Wall and solid Insulation:

A third of heat lost in an un-insulated home is through the walls. Cavity wall insulation works by filling the gap between the two walls with an insulating material and cuts heating costs by 15 percent. Solid walls can also be insulated, on the inside or outside.



Double Glazing:

This can cut heat loss through windows by a half, particularly those with the latest technology such as Anglian Home Improvements ‘ White Knight’ A -rated’ windows that incorporate high -performance, sealed double glazing units with Ultra Glass 2.




With 15 of heat loss through some floors one option is looking at underfloor insulation. Mineral wool insulation supported by netting between the joists can be laid underneath the floorboards in timber floors.



Tank and pipe insulation:

Fitting a British standard jacket at least 75mm thick to insulate the hot water cylinder can cut heat loss by 75 percent and keeps water hotter for longer. It’s also worth spending money insulating pipes.

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