How to use Light to create the ideal Bedroom Ambiance

By on 6th February in Room Inspiration

Have you ever considered the style of lighting in your bedroom…does it create the right ambiance?

Some people say that you should not do anything else in the bedroom apart from sleep but many of us treat our bedroom like a sanctuary.  It’s  a place away from the maddening crowd and everyday life.  This room gives us the opportunity to relax, read, write, chat, watch TV or recover from sickness.

With so many things to take into account the bedroom lighting needs to do many things.  It must add drama by casting shadows across the room, offer a hint of glamour, be luxurious and have a romantic atmosphere; feel safe and warm on stormy Winter nights and at the same time be practical and bright enough to put on your make-up and do your hair.

Central lighting

Design light house bedroom-lighting-for-master-bedroom

Bright central lighting in this room adds to the overall effect. Image from

This high ceiling is able to carry the chandelier and gives it a sophisticated look.   Image from Pinterest


This bedroom with a the lighting options has a romantic and luxurious feel. Image from Pinterest

Subtle lighting with bedside lights

daily motivation now blogspot fi

We really like the small light hanging at different lengths on either side of the bed.  They would look nice if you could change their strength on a dimmer switch.  Image from Visit


Romantic, subtle lighting with the coloured shades, adds a tint to the room.  Image from Hotstyledesign


This bed with the back lighting feels quite industrial and garage like to me with the strip light.  Image from

Reading lights


These fixed lights can be switched on/off from each side of the bed.  Image from


Extending lights make it easier to direct the light when reading a book in bed.  Image from Pinterest

Making sure you have the correct lighting for all these functions is important.  It may not be just a case of putting a plug in the socket or changing the colour of the bulb.  So where do you start?

  • Think about how you want to use the room.  Will the lighting just be functional, economical, atmospheric?
  • Decide the amount of lights you need to achieve the look that you want?
  • Elect the style of light that would best suit your needs and style from either: central ceiling lights, wall lights, spotlights, up and down lighters, table lamps, task lights, artwork lights, fairy lights, and rope lights.
  • Decided on the best position for stand-alone lights i.e. lamps.  Remember background lighting will light a room, but without a practical purpose.
  • If you are limited by electrical points, add dimmer switches to existing lights to enable you to use one light for many light tones.
  • Change the feel of the room by adding coloured bulbs.

Feature lighting – highlight areas around a room, beside or above the bed.

sahithya reddy Pinterest

Purples, creams and greys in this room to us give it a science fiction feel.   Image from Pinterest

Purple lighting from Pinterest

Down and back lighters in Purple and pink  give this a nightclub feel.  Image from


Light shining out from under the bed gives it a extra terrestrial glow! Who is hiding under there?  Image from

 Romantic lighting 


These fairy light look a bit like the night sky while laying in bed.  Image from Pinterest

Fairy lights draped behind material soften their look and give them a gentle romantic feel.  Image from Pinterest

  Kristie Butterfield Pinterest

Rope lighting formed into wording.  What word would you use? Image from Pinterest

There are so many wonderful designs and styles of lighting that can be added to a bedroom to enhance its ambiance.  Picking the right light can be trial and error, but can make or break the look of your room, so choose wisely.

If you are still unsure of what would suit your bedroom and home, take a look at the John Lewis  and JohnCullen Lighting  video’s   that offer you alternative and inspirational lighting tips and ideas for your rooms.

Enjoy experimenting with the lighting ambiance in your rooms!

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