#ProjectSpotlight: Orangery with bi-fold doors spotlight


Bi-fold doors have become a major home improvement trend over the last year or so, valued for their modern look and, above all, their potential for views. Once they’re opened wide, they create an access point to the outside world like no other. So if you’ve got the views and want to bring them inside, bi-fold doors are the way to go.

With rolling countryside as their garden, the Honeywood family knew bi-fold doors fit their bill. They added an orangery to the back of their home, equipped with a beautiful lantern roof, timber casement windows and bi-fold doors in white aluminium. It’s a nice-sized space too, but still a cosy lounge. Needless to say, the views aren’t the only lovely thing about this extra living space.

Orangery interior

Here’s what the Honeywood family had to say about their new orangery:

Q: How long have you lived in your property?

A: We’ve only lived in the property for six months. It was a self-build project.

Q: What was the reason for wanting to have an orangery?

A: The reason for wanting an orangery was to create the feeling of being outside. We preferred the look of the orangery because of the lantern roof.

Q: What was the most important thing for you when considering an orangery?

A: The design of the orangery was the most important thing for us when considering the installation.

Orangery lantern roof

Q: Did you receive quotes from more than one company?

A: Yes.

Q: What was it that made you choose Anglian?

A: It was the balance between budget and quality that made us go ahead with Anglian.

Q: What is your favourite feature of your orangery and the reason for this?

A: Our favourite feature of the orangery is the design and also the bi-fold doors.

Orangery exterior

Q: What in particular do you like about your orangery’s design?

A: We particularly like the lantern roof and the drop ceiling inside that lends itself to some effective mood lighting.

Q: Why did you choose bi-fold doors?

A: We look out onto a large garden then over onto open countryside. When the bi-fold doors are open, you get a lovely panoramic view.

Q: What is the main benefit from having an orangery?

A: The main benefit from having an orangery installed is the extra space we’ve gained.

Q: Would you recommend Anglian to your family and friends?

A: Yes, I would definitely recommend Anglian to my family and friends.

Orangery lounge details

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