What Furniture Looks Best in a Conservatory?

By on 21st August in Home Inspiration

If you’ve recently had your conservatory built, then you’re undoubtedly excited to start purchasing furniture and other goodies to transform your conservatory into a room where you can spend time with your family and friends.

But it can be difficult choosing the right furniture to best suit your conservatory in terms of style and space. So what furniture generally looks best in a conservatory?

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We asked 5 interior designers their advice on what furniture they think looks best in a conservatory:

What looks best in your converstatory? Carole gives Good to be Home her advice
Interior Designer Carole King said:  ‘Personally I can never resist the Edwardian style of conservatory. Lots of intricate wrought iron, wicker furniture piled high with cushions, a patterned tile floor and towering hothouse plants; reminds me of leisurely afternoon teas, disappearing with a good book, and romantic trysts.’


Celia Sawyer shares her advice on what looks best in a conservatoryInterior Designer Celia Sawyer said: ‘When it comes to conservatories, a lot depends on your overall house style but a great rule of thumb is to keep your walls light to maximise daylight and the sense of space, then inject colour through cushions and throws which are easier to replace or change, rather than the furniture which can fade in sunlight over time.

‘I personally love rattan furniture, especially white rattan as it’s nice and airy providing a very contemporary feel. If you prefer the more traditional go for a darker base and keep the cushions light.

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Grant shares his tips on what looks best in a conservatoryInterior Stylist Grant Pierrus said: ‘I’d avoid typical garden furniture or metal furniture in your conservatory; it often looks like it belongs outside rather than in and doesn’t make a statement. You need plenty of comfy seating in your conservatory and add a different element through well selected accessories.

‘I like to think of a conservatory as a bridge between the indoors and outdoors, so wooden furniture is a great choice to achieve that. I do think it’s important to ensure that your design flows from your home into the conservatory, but as you have a lot more light in the space, amplify the colour and pattern of the fabric. This helps to make the space feel a little more relaxed and fun.’

martin explains what furniture looks best in a conservatoryInterior Designer, Martin Holland said:  ‘Instead of the traditional rattan look, I would always opt for a more simple paired back style that is easy on the eye and doesn’t detract from the main feature of the space, the garden. Wooden framed furniture has a wonderful appearance working with the natural elements of the outdoors and there are a vast array of stylish, contemporary pieces available.

‘As conservatories offer an abundance of natural light, you can afford to go with a darker wood finish and offset this against a neutral palette with multiple layers of texture and pattern to add a sense of luxury and echo the natural colours and textures outdoors.’

Kristen Grove shares her advice on what looks best in a conservatory

Interior Designer, Kirsten Grove said: ‘I love the look of light wood in a conservatory. It’s clean and fresh!’




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5 tips for purchasing furniture for a conservatory:

  • Higher temperature, humidity and exposure to the sun are important factors you need to consider when choosing your furniture. Your furniture needs to be able to withstand the greater humidity and the almost-direct sunlight. Check that the furniture you choose is durable, flexible and fade-resistant to make sure you furniture lasts.
  • A main reason why people choose to extend their home with a conservatory is to bring the outdoors into your home. Consider accentuating the gorgeous views of your garden by using lots of natural materials in your conservatory, such as tan, cream and muted hues of green and blue for a nature-inspired look. Indoor plants are a great way of incorporating outside elements and many varieties will thrive on the warmth and abundance of sunshine available.
  • Think about how you plan on using your conservatory.  What will make the best use of your space? Are you trying to create a family room for kids to play in or something more luxurious for dinner parties? If it’s a family room, make sure the furniture is easy to clean down.
  • Think about comfort. What is the point of purchasing a conservatory to spend more time relaxing with family and friends if your new sofa or chairs aren’t comfortable? Consider furniture that is strong and can cope with the sunlight but is comfortable enough to fall asleep on.
  • Make sure the theme you choose will fit with its surroundings.  Walk around your home and consider what themes are present and bring the colours that you have used in your other rooms into the conservatory. Throws and cushions can complement the colour schemes of other rooms and also help to make the room look cosy.

What do you think looks best? Let us know in the comments.