The Links Between Fashion and Interior Design

By on 4th November in Home Inspiration

There has always been a strong, unbreakable link between interior design and fashion. Not only do they both share the same aesthetic concepts as space, shape and form but they are both an accessible artistic expression for the masses.

It’s this artistic expression which stretches the connection beyond the aesthetic into something deeper, something psychological. Interior design and fashion both represent something personal, helping individuals to be creative, unique and to help us understand other people and the world around us. No wonder they share the same trends and aspirations.

We can track this connection way back to the 18th century when both industries used similar fabrics. Now they’re sharing playground in a similar manner, not only when it comes to trends, but also professional collaborations.

Using the Same Materials

As mentioned, the two industries have been using the same or similar materials and fabrics for a long time now. This year we noticed several examples, such as the “suede boom” in fashion and in interior design. Never before (except in the ‘70s) has this fabric been so popular as 2015/2016. We could see it on every runway from Paris to New York, but also in interior design, especially when it comes to paint finish.

A fashionable light and a picture of a model at a fashion show

Another big thing was, and still is, recyclable plastic that comes from the everlasting strive to save the environment. This trend is huge in interior design, where plastic dining chairs are all the rage. Currently one of the most popular interior designers around the globe, Philippe Starck designed a collection of recyclable plastic flip-flops for Ipanema, blurring the lines between the two professions.

Coloured with the Same Shades

When it comes to colour, usually interior and fashion designers converge with global trend forecasters, such as the Pantone Institute, a world leading authority on colour. However that doesn’t mean they don’t experiment. This year was marked by gentle pastels Rose Quartz and Serenity, while the following will turn to bright shades and earthy tones.

Earthy tones will be the theme of 2017

In 2017 we will see a plenitude of new palettes, but the one that will stand out the most is a return to simplicity using nature as inspiration. Earthy tones will visit both our homes and wardrobes, so if you’re looking for an update, this is the place to start.

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s easy to find modern and cheap rugs in earthy tones for an interior design trendy twist, not to mention khaki trench coats and trousers.

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The Birth of Inspiration

So, the inevitable question here is: How do designers from both professions find their inspiration and how do they end up at the same place? Returning to the theme of artistic expression, every period had their own movement that governed the zeitgeist of the time and artists in many form (poets, painters, sculptors…) had their own versions of the movement.

Portraits have been used in this room set with grey and wooden furniture

The ever changing seasons, bring with it new trends in both interior design and fashion, moving from bright colours in the summer to more earthy tones in the colder months. The latter looks set to be one of the main inspirations for next year. We have already seen Jean Paul Gaultier’s work with the company Lelièvre on designing the fabrics. The legendary designer was inspired by sights from nature creating unique designs such as rococo floral and turbulent waves.

Fashion/Interior Design as a Personal Expression

Remember the TV show Changing Rooms where the interior design experts (Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen, Linda Barker & Co.) gave a room a modern makeover? Fashion would often play a big part in their decision making and is a perfect example how one’s fashion choices can be directly translated into their home.

Like fashion, your interior design tends to reflect your personality

Personal expression is so deeply rooted into fashion and interior design, with beauty being in the eye of the beholder. We can be blind followers of trends, or take them with a healthy dose of scepticism where we always add our own personal touch.

Have a pair of favourite silver pendant earrings? What about metallic pendant lamps above your counter-top? A floral dress – couch throw pillows. Biker jacket – leather sofa. The possibilities are endless when fashion inspires interior design.

There are no winners and runner-ups in this game. Fashion and interior design are “partners in crime”, both determined to make our lives just a bit better, so let us embrace the best of both worlds.