A Guide to making your Home Smell Amazing

By on 25th August in Home Inspiration

The scent of a space is arguably just as important as the visual decor. It helps bring together the multiple design elements in the room to create an overall, sensual experience.

Our brains process smells similarly to the way in which they process emotion, which explains why every smell we can recall is directly associated with a memory or specific feeling. Scented spaces therefore can have one of two effects; they can either conjure up old memories from the past if it is a familiar smell, or if it’s a new one, can create a new memory or intrigue.

Scent Sticks

Finding a signature scent for your home

Choosing a scent that you love and that you feel would suit your home is the first step for making your home smell amazing. Dawn and Samantha Goldworm scent art fairs, runways and hotels, and they have a suggestion for finding your home’s signature scent;  ‘When you smell, try visualizing the scent in your mind and focusing on your feeling about the scent.  This will help lead your nose until you find your signature.’

Ultimately, the scent your choose should compliment the existing smells in the house, rather than contrast them which can be overwhelming and even unpleasant. Also think about how you want your home to feel, whether it’s relaxing, energizing, stimulating, cosy…etc. That way, you can start to look at scent palettes to achieve this atmosphere. For example, if you want it to be cosy and inviting, scents like vanilla and cinnamon are great. If you prefer something brighter, fresher and more energizing, opt for citrus fruits, cut grass, fresh linen or bright fruits.

Pot Pourri

Preparing your home for your new scent

Now you’ve chosen your scent, you’ll no doubt want to be able to experience it as much as possible in your home. You may need to take a couple of steps beforehand to get the ultimate effect. This may be especially important if you have children or pets, for example.

Firstly, giving your home a good clean and airing it out will provide the perfect foundation. Eliminating clutter as well as dirt can be a great way to avoid those more unpleasant smells from lingering, and a good clean will give your home that freshly clean smell which is the ideal starting point to build on. Opening windows and doors to let in fresh air is a good idea too, especially for bathroom odours.

The cleaning products you use (and continue to use) should also be taken into consideration. Look at more organic alternatives which are often much more natural in terms of scents as well as ingredients.

Lavendar candles

Incorporating your chosen scent into your home

Incorporating your scent into your home doesn’t have to be a mammoth task, and you can opt for different levels of strength, too. Here are some great ways to help your house smell incredible.

  • Using scented candles. Scented candles are really popular and can be a really nice way to give your home a nice new smell as well as creating a cosy atmosphere and providing a gentle light source. You could even give making your own candles a go if you’re particularly creative.
  • Oil and candle burners. You can select your favourite essential oil and burn it in a burner which will give off a surprisingly strong and pretty scent.
  • Reed diffusers. Diffusers are rapidly growing in popularity and they now come in a lot of different styles and scents. They’re perfect for changing the smell of smaller spaces, so are ideal if you’d like different scents in different rooms. They don’t require flames either which may be ideal if you have children or pets, too.
  • The boiling water method. This is really simple and really effective, and you can do it with things you may already have in your home. Boil a small pot of water on your hob and keep on a low heat. Then add your favourite scented items, such as cinnamon sticks, vanilla pots, cloves, coffee beans or orange peels.

Essential Oils

Other tricks to make your house smell great

As well as your incorporating your favourite scent into your home, there are other things you can do to improve the fragrance of your house.

  • Baking. There’s arguably no better smell than that of freshly baked bread, cakes or cookies, so take to the kitchen and get baking for a scent that will gently waft through your home.
  • Fresh coffee. Fresh coffee is always a welcoming and inviting smell, but take it up a notch with this trick. Fill a small mug with coffee beans, then make a small dip in the beans and place a vanilla scented tea light in it. When you light the tea light, it will smell like infused coffee and vanilla which will be amazing.
  • Freshly cut flowers. The ultimate fresh smell is fresh flowers, so choose your favourites and display them in each room.
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