What the Colour of Your Front Door Says About You

By on 7th September in Home Inspiration

With the brand new product launch of our Elite and Classic door collections, we wanted to see whether the colour of your front door matches traits of your personality!

Every life decision you make shows the type of person you are, giving away personality traits without you even realising it. From the way you dress to the way you decorate your home, it all gives glimpses into your wonderful mind – even your front door style and colour can give things away about you.

Using images from our 4 brand new ranges; Traditional, Cottage, Contemporary and Designer – let us analyse what colour front door you have and if it’s a relatively accurate depiction of you (or whoever decided on the colour of the door).

Red Door

If you have a red door you are possibly quite a traditional person, you love to entertain and be centre of attention. You are a great host, very hospitable and passionate. You probably have a polished and slightly nostalgic decor – you may also be a keen gardener, often pruning your shrubbery.

In Scotland, if you have a red front door it symbolises you’ve paid off your mortgage!

Maryport from Cottage, York from Traditional, Florence from Designer, Hereford from Traditional 

Light Blue Door

If you have a light blue front door, you’re probably a calm and relaxed person. It has visual connections with a crystal clear blue sea, so you may be a bit of beach-bum. You also possibly enjoy bringing the outdoors in.

Your home tends to be peaceful and you are a grounded person who’s true to yourself.

Winchester from Traditional, Palma from Contemporary, Geneva from Contemporary, Grasmere from Cottage

Dark Blue Door

This is a very common front door colour so you’re probably a very traditional person, family orientated and caring. You find you’re quite nostalgic so have photos of family dotted around the house along with family heirlooms that have been passed down generations. These are probably displayed on natural wood furniture.

Milan from Designer,  Ripon from Traditional, Seville from Contemporary, Westminster from Traditional

Grey Door

You’ve probably negotiated to a grey door, be it in your mind or with your partner. You are prepared to compromise, however, you are smart and sophisticated, keeping up with the latest trends.

Your home is likely to be very stylish, possibly minimalist as you like things to be just so. Your friends and family know that they will have a great evening if they come round though as you enjoy the finer things in life.

Madrid from Contemporary, Keswick from Cottage, Verona from Designer

Green Door

If you have a green door, you are ambitious and continually try to better yourself and your family. Because of this, you’re probably good with money, taking care of the pennies to ensure your family have everything they need. You also have traditional values, such as taking your shoes off when you come in, having dinner at the table every night and family days out are organised regularly.

You are probably quite an autumnal person who enjoys the colourful season, comforting food and warm nights in with the family. You are at one with nature, choosing to blend in rather than stand out.

Whitehaven from Cottage, Paris from Contemporary, Oxford from Traditional, Durham from Traditional

Black Door

Like the famous No.10, this is a home in order and control. It oozes power, authority, sophistication and wealth. You’re a cultured individual who has a good grip on life with vast experiences to have you prepared for anything thrown at you.

A black front door is simple and elegant, which leaves you plenty of headroom to concentrate on other important things in your life – it gives you the option to accessorise your door and home too.

Hereford from Traditional, Winchester from Traditional, Prague from Contemporary

White Door

A white door is clean and clinical, there’s no dramas with your life. You like to keep things in their rightful place, no clutter and definitely no dirt or grime lingering in your home. Cobwebs can only dream of forming in the corners of your rooms.

Organisation is key to the running of this house!

Kendal from Cottage, Naples from Designer, Brecon from Traditional

Bright Coloured Doors

You’ve put yourself well and truly out there with your yellow front door because you are a flamboyant outgoing and vibrant person. Creativity flows in this house and guests are welcomed with open arms and probably a cocktail with a sparkler!

We bet you’re a morning person too, rising at the crack of dawn with the beautiful sunshine.

Madrid from Contemporary, Seville from Contemporary, Lisbon from Contemporary

Natural Wood or Brown Door

Everyone is given a very warm welcome to this home as you are very generous and down to Earth. You are a child of Mother Nature and help nurture all creatures, great and small. Plants and shrubbery blossom in your home and you can guarantee you have a family pet for you to love.

Your garden is a haven and there’s probably a bird-feeder hanging from a tree and an insect hotel tucked away at the bottom of your garden.

If you have a brown front door you are warm, stable and reliable. You don’t like to be as bold as Mr Yellow next door, instead you are quite the opposite, enjoying the private, quiet life. This doesn’t mean you’re not caring or family orientated, just a lot more subdued than your eccentric neighbour.

Rochester from Traditional, Ripon from Traditional

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