What are burglars really looking for? Safety tips from an ex-burglar

By on 27th August in Guides

Being burgled can be a terrifying experience – it can make you feel as though you aren’t safe in your own home, which is something no one should have to go through. That’s why we’ve created our latest campaign to help you make your home safer for you and your family.

In our latest video, reformed criminal turned security expert Richard Taylor offers a full analysis of how a potential burglar might scan your house in search of security flaws.

Government statistics show that 689,000 domestic burglaries occurred between January and December last year, with a quarter of these being unplanned. In our video, Richard examines the external security of various home styles and, using eye-tracking software, identifies the points that can attract burglars.

He explains the key factors that determine whether a burglar may target your home, including poor security around the front and back of the house, a lack of visible alarm systems and open windows. Richard records an alarming 32 security flaws across three homes in the three-minute video, showing that good external security is paramount around your home.

In the video, you’ll find some of Richard’s useful tips to help keep your home safe, from a perspective you may not have considered before. These include ideas such as checking and removing post from post boxes to show someone is home, and turning your blinds so your goods can’t be evaluated by a potential burglar.

At Anglian Home Improvements, we believe that security in the home should be a top priority, which is why we make our products using only the best-quality materials. See how we can help you improve your home’s security by taking a look at the security features our windows have here.

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