How to clean your Shower Glass and Curtains

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Was your bathroom looking more like a hot and steamy jungle when you left home this morning? Did you have time to step out from underneath the monsoon style shower head, clean the misted shower glass and hang up the towels or is this a job for the weekend?

A luxurious looking bathroom is always pleasing to the eye, especially when it  has sparkling glass shower doors, gleaming chrome and tiles.  However, sometimes removing calcium hard water marks and soap scum from the glass can be difficult, but with regular cleaning you should not need to use too much ‘elbow grease’.

Lemon recipe to clean glass

Image from Pinterest

Having streak, lint and fluff free glass is a pleasure to the eye, but how may substances do you need to clean the glass and maintain the shine and frost free look?

After a little investigation by the team, recipes do vary greatly.  Some contain ingredients such as: – cornflower, rubbing alcohol, soap, lemon or orange essential oils and lastly vodka … now to me that is a waste! However, a basic cleaner can be made from as little as two products, such as water and vinegar in equal measures.

We decided to have a go and make a glass cleaner.  If you would like to have a go too for our cleaner you will need:-

Glass Shower Door Cleaner

Ingredients are equal measures of :
– Distilled white Vinegar
– Water

Tools for cleaning:
– A recycled spray bottle.
– Kitchen roll/paper towels or newspaper to clean the glass off once sprayed with the cleaner  (use black and white newspaper, and not coloured print as this can tend to come off)
– For those stubborn and harder to move marks, you may find that a soft nail brush is handy.

1. Spray the glass with the home made solution.

2. Wipe the area over vigorously with the kitchen roll/paper towel to remove the dirty and grime.  Buff with a clean dry paper towel/cloth if needed.

If stubborn calcium/water marks on the glass that are in need of a little extra ‘elbow grease’, shift them using a lemon and salt granules.

Lemon and salt Image from Life with the Littlers

1.  Cut the lemon in half and dip the cut end into the salt granules.

2.  Rub the lemon/salt over the area in small circular movements, removing the marks from the glass.  Wash off with vinegar and dry with a cloth.

Always make sure that you buff the glass clean to leave a great shine.

Lemon Juice can be used all over the home, instead of bleach; it is a great degreaser and can remove stubborn stains; its scent can cut through nasty smells and odours.

How to clean your Shower Screen & Curtain

  • If you don’t have glass around your shower, but a curtain, the same mixture above can be used.  If  you find the curtain difficult to clean while hanging, take it down, lay it in the shower tray or bath to soak in the solution for a few minutes and then rub/brush clean the effected area.
  • If the curtains have not been cleaned for a while they may have a pinky mildew/mould look at the bottom of the curtain.
  • If they do, don’t worry, dip the bottom of the curtain in a ready made solution of :- Distilled white Vinegar, water and a little liquid soap.  Rub the affected area with a cloth/soft brush, being careful not to rip the curtain.
  • The vinegar kills the mould and removes hard water stains and the soap helps get rid of the soap scum.



  • We love the idea of making our own products and though that this list of cleaners for the bathroom we found on Pinterest would be useful too.
  • If you have your own favourite cleaner recipe that you would like to share, we would love to hear from you.