10 Amazing Wooden Pallet Upcycling Ideas for Home and Garden

By on 12th September in Garden

In the world of crafting and DIY, you pretty much can’t escape pallets as they are being used by thrifters across the globe in a whole host of upcycling projects. If you’d like to give this trend a go but are unsure what to try, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favourite ideas for pallet upcycling in the home and garden.

(We’ve also added links to the photos so you can see the original source for more info).

1. Pallet bed

Pallet Bed

We love the Scandi-cool appeal of using old pallets as a base for your bed. As well as being rustic, it has an undeniable modern feel whilst keeping things light and airy. You could add wheels for easy manoeuvring to make cleaning the room a little easier.

 2. Pallet cat bed

Pallet Cat Bed

And of course, if you’re upgrading your own bed, your cat needs one too, obviously. We do really love this idea though as it looks really sweet and rustic, as well as being pretty easy to recreate yourself. You could paint their name on it for a more personal effect, too.

3. Outdoor shelf surface

Outdoor Shelving DIY

Display your favourite garden ornaments and decorations onto a beautiful and unique shelf unit using just a couple of pallets and slabs, or just more wood, if you prefer. If you like outdoor entertaining, this would serve as a great bar area, as well!

4. Storage or display boxes

Pallet Boxes

If you constantly find yourself looking for better storage solutions but don’t want to spend a fortune on them, this is a great option. Pick up a few pallets and transform them into a box, then paint them your desired colour for a simple yet really attractive way to help get your home organised, or at least free from clutter. You could also stack them on top of each other to form a one-of-a-kind shelving system.

5. Pallet shelving

Pallet Shelving

This can work in any room of your home where you have lots of things to display, or need easy access to a lot of items. That’s why we love this example from the kitchen as it’s beautiful as well as functional.

6. Wall art

Pallet Wall Art

If you value your arty skills, making your own piece of wall art using a pallet is a really interesting project. You could keep things simple like the example above, or go for a long quote that is specific to your household. Don’t feel like you have to keep them brown either. Go brave and bold with a colour pop wall pallet design!

7. Children’s bedroom furniture

Child's Bedroom Pallet Furniture

Think this look is unsuitable for a little one’s bedroom? Think again! Pallets have been used heavily in this child’s bedroom and it actually creates a really warm and inviting atmosphere. We especially love the DIY headboard with the ‘love’ typography as this adds a personal touch.

8. Vertical wall planter

Vertical Wall Garden

If you’re looking to add interest to your garden but are limited on space, this is the ideal solution for you. Colourful vertical planters made from pallets are thrifty, fun and of course…functional and we love them. Experiment with different colours and different plants. They’re ideal for herb gardens, too.

9. Outdoor furniture

Pallet Outdoor Sofa

Who said outdoor furniture had to be dull, and expensive? This example breaks all the rules. Add wheels to pallets and cover with comfy cushions to make a unique seat for your garden that all your guests will be envious of. Go the whole way and make a pallet table or foot stool to go with it.

10. Office desk

Pallet Office Desk

All you need to make your very own pallet desk is of course some pallets, some sandpaper and a bit of creativity. This example is great as it’s so simple but it’s got everything you need. You could make ones for the kid’s rooms to give them a space to do their homework, too.