These Crazy Childrens Beds will make you want to be a kid again!


We all know as adults the secret to a good night’s sleep is a comfortable bed and a welcoming room to sleep in but for kids, it’s not quite the same.  However, getting young child into bed in the first instance can be challenging and having something fun for them to play with, look at and show off to friends can be much more important!

If your patience has been tried and encouraging your child to go to bed is exhausting, create a room that will spark their imagination and create a  magical play room and sleep adventure?

Whether you have been extravagant, spent far too much on a designer bed, created your child’s ultimate dream bedroom on a shoe string, or used your DIY skills…bedroom ideas are endless and are limited only by your imagination.

Thinking about our own little darlings, and what they would like, here are some creative and wacky ideas we wanted to share with you. Play days in their bedrooms will never be the same with these inspirational designs.

 Aeroplane wing

770 Plane wing

The room scene has been set, you are flying high in the sky with a wonderful view to the hills beyond.  What part of the world will you be sleeping over tonight?  Image from Pinterest and

 Camper Van

770 Campervan

For a surf dude who likes to dream of the beach and their next sea adventure from 

 Zebra car

770 jungle-room-idea-05 This Zebra car from would help your little cherubs look after the animals with Tarzan or Dr Dolittle.


770 Burger

Happy food dreams in the Hamburgerbed.  The round bed with all the cheese and lettuce you can eat can now be found in the Hamburger Museum in the USA.

Tractor770 Tractor

This bunk bed keeps your budding young farmer up to speed with his digger work in this John Deere tractor. Image from Pinterest

Snake’s head

770 Snakes head

Would you be eaten during the night are charmed back into bed? Image from Pinterest


770 Princess castle

Different colours can transform the castle for a King and a Princesses, for them to rule over their bedroom kingdoms.  Image from Pinterest

Tudor House770 Tudor house

What style of house would you choose,  perhaps you could turn it into a shop?  Image from

Loft sleeping

Megan Gorven Pinterest

A double story bed and work area.  Image from Pinterest


770 Boat

A large room and a very strong ceiling is needed for this boat design from It will carry you away in your dreams as you drifting into nightly slumber.

If you were wondering how long a child’s mattress should last, as long as your child has not outgrown the bed, a good quality mattress can last up to 5 years.  It is suggested by beds do need changing to allow for the weight and size of the child as follows:-

Age           Change the bed every
0 > 10                     3  years
10 > 20                  5 years

However, if you are contemplating a Latex bed that molds to the shape of the body, it is not recommended to anyone under the age of 18 years old.

If your child has asked for their bedroom to be decorated in a particular design and you are looking for further ideas, follow the link to Pinterest to find other wild and wacky bed designs.

Which bed would your child like in their bedroom?  For the big kid in me, I would choose the boat, to be rocked to sleep as I drift off in to my dreams over the ocean!

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