#AnglianAnswers: Why is my porch leaking?

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Porches are all about creating a snug shelter for your home’s entrance, perfect for storing all the extra bits and bobs we bring in and out of a house on a daily basis. That said, the last thing we want is rainwater leaking in, not only dampening our belongings but potentially bringing in mould, too. Nipping the leak in the bud early will not only help keep your porch around for longer, but keep it doing what it’s supposed to do.

This brings us to our #AnglianAnswers question of the week: why is my porch leaking? Read on for our tips!

First things first, locate the leak

Where the leak comes from will dictate how you deal with it. You’ll want to spend some time scouring your porch and assessing exactly where the leak is coming from. Is it the roof or the windows? Possibly even the door?

Once you’ve identified the source, you can then begin to figure out how you can fix it, or whether or not you need the help of an engineer.

If it’s the door

Door seal

Have a look at the bottom edge of your door frame, where you’ll then see two drainage areas. If they’re blocked, this might cause a leak, so you’ll want to make sure there’s nothing obstructing them. Either way, you’ll want to make sure these drainage points are clean so that they can continue to work as they should.

If it’s not the drainage points, the leak might be stemming from the rubber seals located around the edge of the door not being fixed on properly. If they’re new, they might’ve fallen out of place and just need to be pushed back in, and if they’re old and worn, they’ll likely need replacing.

If it’s the windows

Window seal

Condensation on the interior of your windows can mean that you’ve got a leak – in this case, windows work similarly as doors, in that the seal might have come out of place or is too old to function properly. If this is the source, look into either replacing or refitting the seal.

There’s also a chance that your window leak isn’t a window leak at all, but is actually a leak in your walls. In this case, you’ll want to look for stains on the ceiling or along the top portion of your window frame.

If it’s neither

If, when all is said and done, it’s neither your door nor your windows that are the source of the leak in your porch, it’s time to call an engineer. You can get in touch and arrange for an Anglian engineer to assess your leaking porch by contacting us on Live Chat.

But what about when you’re fed up with an old, leaking porch and would prefer a new one instead? To get started, have a look at our Porches Buying Guide for all-things porches, including style inspiration, info on planning permission and more.

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