#AnglianAnswers: Why is my door sticking?

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This summer has been the season of heat that just won’t quit – it’s pretty lovely for the most part, though it sometimes means our homes don’t necessarily work as they should. Depending on your door’s material, you might’ve noticed that it’s been sticking recently. That’s because certain door materials are affected by high heat.

But don’t worry – there are a couple solutions to help you handle a sticky door. Read on for our top tips to address this week’s #AnglianAnswers question: Why is my door sticking?

Wooden doors

Wooden door

It’s common that, when there’s high humidity in the air or there’s been a rainstorm recently, wooden doors tend to stick. That’s because the extra moisture in the air causes the wood to swell, which then temporarily warps the door so that it no longer fits as easily in the frame.

The good news is, once the moisture leaves the air your door should go back to normal. If you want to speed up the process, you can try drying out the door yourself with a fan or hair dryer on a cool setting.

uPVC doors

uPVC door

uPVC functions in the same way as wood, in that it too expands in the heat. In these cases, you’ll want to try wiping a wet cloth around the door’s edges in an effort to help it cool off. If your door still won’t open, wait 10 minutes to try again and repeat as necessary.

Just like wooden doors, expanded uPVC doors aren’t a permanent thing either – once the heat dies down a bit, your door should work good as new again.

If it’s not the weather

Door handle

There are other reasons beyond the weather why your door might not be closing as it should – these range from tricky locks to something obstructing the door frame. In these cases, have a look around the perimeter of your door to ensure its path isn’t being blocked by a door mat, carpet or anything else.

You’ll also want to check if what’s called the “snib” is up – it’s that small plastic switch that sits level with the door handle. It should be pushed down, but if it isn’t, try lifting the handle and then pushing it down.

Door still sticking? It might be time to call an engineer! But if you’re determined to sleuth out the issue yourself, check out our Doors Clinic page for more common Anglian questions.

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