#AnglianAnswers: Do my windows need resealing?

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Windows are a daily part of life – maybe not always in the foreground, but they’re there! – so when they don’t work as they should, it’s important to get them fixed. There are a variety of symptoms that suggest your window needs resealing, but the most common are:

  • Condensation on the inside of the glass pane
  • Draughts leaking in from the window
  • Gaps around the edges of the seal or noticeable wear and tear

If you’re experiencing any of the issues above, there’s a good chance your windows will need resealing. But why? And how can you fix it? Read on for our top tips.

Why has my window seal eroded?

Interior window seal

There are any number of reasons your window seal might have eroded, as it can be affected by something as simple as the temperature, what cleaning products you use, or even time.

Windows naturally contract and expand as the weather fluctuates, which will inevitably affect the seal as it attempts to adapt. If there’s a particularly hot or cold snap, you might notice this begin to happen. Cleaning products that are strong or abrasive also have the tendency to affect your window seal.

The symptoms of a damaged window seal might not be particularly evident at first, so it’s important to check your window edges carefully to make sure you catch the problem early, as it tends to only worsen over time.

How can I fix it?

Window installation

It’s really important damaged window seals get fixed, as they can let warm air out and cold air in, affecting the temperature of your home and potentially costing you money on heating bills.

In most cases of broken window seals, you’ll need to replace the window to fix it. If your windows are still within warranty, you’ll just need to get in contact with your window provider to see what the next steps are. But if you aren’t sure it’s your window seal that needs replacing in the first place, it’s time to get in contact with an Anglian engineer to see how we can help.

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