#ProjectSpotlight: uPVC cottage windows and a classic front door


Just because you live in a period-style property doesn’t mean it needs to feel passe. The Hinkley family’s home in Yorkshire was fitted with windows that lead to draughts, and a door that just didn’t suit the property’s appearance. They decided it was time for an upgrade of period-property proportions.

To bring their home up to date, the Hinkleys choose energy-efficient uPVC cottage windows and a front door from our composite range. They picked the Penrith-style door in a sleek white to match their brand new windows. And while their home was undeniably beautiful before, what it has now is the energy efficiency and modern perks that it deserves.

Composite front door

Here’s what Mrs. Hinkley had to say about her uPVC cottage windows and composite front door:

Q: Please can you explain why you decided to have your windows and front door replaced?

A: The previous products had a poor quality fit, which lead to draughts. They also didn’t suit the property.

Q: What made you contact Anglian?

A: I contacted a number of suppliers.

Q: Did you speak to any other companies, and if so, what made you decide to choose Anglian?

A: I spoke to Safestyle as well, but Anglian came in with a better price and preferred style.

uPVC French doors and windows

Q: What’s your opinion of the Anglian service and installation you’ve received? Did you have any particular concerns or requirements?

A: It was excellent. The fitting was clean and professional.

Q: What’s the BEST thing about your new installation, and what main differences have you noticed since having your installation?

A: The look of the property, the lack of draughts and the security.

Interior uPVC windows

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