#AnglianAnswers: How do I keep my conservatory cool?

By on 2nd August in Home Inspiration

It’s not often that we get such warm weather in the UK, but when we do, we want to take full advantage. That means sitting out in our conservatories and soaking up the sun when we can. But sometimes with the sun beating down without any mediation, things can get a little, shall we say, balmy.

Which leads us to our #AnglianAnswers question of the week: how do I keep my conservatory cool?

Read on for our top tips!

Get a breeze going

Conservatory French doors

When in doubt (or stuffiness), open a window. Most conservatories are fixed with wraparound windows and doors, so if your living space is on the hotter side, open what you can to get a breeze going. You can even install a ceiling fan or air conditioning, if you’re really in need of some airflow. Shading your conservatory doors with a garden umbrella can also help cool off the air filtering in.

Install blinds

Blinds are a no-brainer addition to a conservatory that’s too hot. What’s more is, with the surplus of glass surfaces as is natural in a conservatory, you can install blinds just about anywhere: windows, doors and even the roof. They’ll help block out the sun’s rays and thus keep some of the heat at bay.

Fit a Solaroof

Solaroof panels

Solaroofs are our answer to too-warm conservatories – it’s a revolutionary roof system that actually helps mediate the sun’s rays with an ultra-thin film fixed to the glass. And with less sun comes less heat, helping to keep your conservatory cooler. It’ll also help protect your furniture’s fabric from fading under the sun, so everybody wins.

Choose the right décor

There are certain fabrics and décor elements you’ll want to avoid in a warm conservatory – like black fabrics, for example, as they’ll attract the sun. We’re prone to stickiness around warm leather surfaces, too. Instead, you’ll want to opt for neutral colours, bamboo fittings and cotton textures, as these will help create a cooler atmosphere.

Still need a little help? Read our Conservatory Buying Guide article on keeping your conservatory cool (or warm) throughout the year for more seasonal tips.

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