Chloe Spillett’s top tips for home-styling success

By on 20th June in Fun

The national winner of last year’s “Styled By Me” competition Chloe Spillett shares her top tips for home and interior styling to help you compose a stand-out snap!

The Anglian Home Improvements Styled By Me 2018 competition is in full swing and entries are flooding in. If you’re thinking of entering but you aren’t sure how to take that prize-winning image, I’ve got a few styling tips to help you on your way.

There’s a huge collective of social media users who love nothing more than to showcase their homes, and I’m not ashamed to say that in this last year, I’ve become one of them. The community of interior-obsessed folk is ever-growing, and the likes of Pinterest and Instagram are great for getting lots of ideas and inspiration for updating your own home.

Sometimes it can be tricky to recreate the trends and looks you see on social media in your own front room.  So here’s my advice – don’t! It’s far better to forge your own unique sense of style and run with it!

My favourite Instagram accounts are the ones that are truly unique, but look a little closer and all of them have a certain “strategies” in common. Here are my top tips to help you style like a pro:

Work the room

Orangery interior

All too often I see homeowners trying to create as much floor space as possible, usually by pushing all the furniture to the far corners of the room. Think carefully about the layout of your room, and how you want the space to work for you and your family. Some of the most aesthetically-surprising interiors have sofas pulled away from the walls and large rugs and coffee tables occupying the centre space. You can easily push the coffee table to one side if Wham comes on the radio.

Something old, something new

Styling a new space doesn’t mean you have to strip out all of your old belongings. My own home is filled with lots of antiques alongside newer purchases, and they make a great marriage. Mixing it up a bit can be the perfect way to personalise your interior scheme and to create talking points too. After all, opposites attract!

Include (some) negative space

Sometimes, less is more. I’m definitely more maximalist than minimalist, but that doesn’t mean you need to occupy every inch of space. If there’s too much going on, sometimes a scheme can lose focus. Let’s apply this to styling shelves; rather than lining up objects from one end to the other, try grouping objects together (odd numbers work better than evens). Include a range of different heights and shapes among those objects and make sure you’ve got empty space between your groupings.

There’s no perfect arrangement. I’m always switching things around in our own home – that’s half the fun!

Flaunt it with flowers

Regency conservatory interior

If you’ve done all of the above and still feel something is missing, it’s probably flowers. Fresh flowers can make a tremendous difference to our interiors and our soul. Seriously, who doesn’t like flowers?! As Claude Monet once said, “I must have flowers, always and always.” And if anyone knew their blooms, it was him.

Take a good photo

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take a good photo! I follow hundreds of great Instagram accounts, and they can’t all be photographers, surely? I’m certainly not.

It’s possible to take a decent photo without a high tech camera. You can take a really strong shot on most modern camera phones. If you want to go the extra mile, there are some really great photo editing apps for enhancing your images without the use of Instagram filters.

So there you have it. These are some strategies that stylists can employ if they want to get their interiors noticed. But above all, the ones that really stand out are the ones who know the rules, and how to break them!

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