A guide to Porches

Quality porches and doors Made in Britain

Many Anglian products holds the "Made in Britain" marque, including a range of our bespoke porches and doors. A sign of unrivalled quality and care, this notation means you can rest assured that your new porch or door was created right here in Britain to the highest possible standard.

The "Made in Britain" marque not only signifies that a product is authentically British, but it also represents a high level of skill that’s admired around the world. Here at Anglian, we enlist only the best craftspeople to design and put together each individual porch and door. Thanks to our products’ innovative design, careful assemblage and state-of-the-art materials, our customers know that they'll be able to enjoy their Anglian porches and doors for many years to come.

Authentically British

The "Made in Britain" marque can be carried by all kinds of products, and while it might be easier to see if an item like clothing is produced in Britain thanks to an attached label, other British products – like Anglian porches – aren’t quite as easy to identify. This is why the marque is so important, not only for us as a company, but for you as a customer, too.

Quality guaranteed

We're immensely proud to hold this accreditation, as it’s a testament to the quality of our porches, doors and other home improvement products. In order to use the "Made in Britain" marque, strict guidelines must be met. That means that when you shop with Anglian, you can be confident that we manufacture many of our products entirely in Britain, and offer our customers only the best.

If you'd like to know more about our porches, please get in touch or click here to browse our selection of styles. For more information, take a look at our guide homepage.