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Will Adding a Porch Add Value to Hour Home?

There are a lot of reasons to get a porch, from more protection for your doorway, to added curb appeal. Adding more space, more storage and improving the look of your home are known factors that improve property value. Here, we dig a little deeper to show you just how beneficial it is to add a new porch to your home.

What's the Purpose of a Porch?

If a porch fulfils a specific purpose, it could make the home more appealing to buyers and potentially improve its value.

If your front door opens straight into the living room or kitchen, adding a porch can be a very practical addition. It gives you much-needed space to shake off the outdoors, as well as storage for your shoes and coats. What’s more is, a porch can add another layer of security to your front door, which also might encourage buyers.

Making sure the porch is practical and not just aesthetic is key. If it doesn't give you added space, security and enhance the look and feel of your home, it might be a white elephant. If you want a porch, but don't need an enclosed one for practicality, a canopy porch might be a solution, but only if it enhances the look of your property.

Does the Porch Look Right?

After practicality, the look of a porch is really important. This is the front of your home, the main entrance, the first impression that everyone sees. Getting this addition wrong can make or break the value of the porch, and even the overall value of your home.

Having the design in keeping with the architecture and style of your home goes a long way. If it compliments these things it looks like it was always meant to be there, otherwise it can look tacked-on and out of place. That said, a porch that makes your property more striking and stand out to the rest of the street can also boos saleability.

Find out more about our porches by visiting our porches page. Or request a brochure to browse the full collection.

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