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Top design ideas for your front porch

Your front porch is a very important element of your home, it is also a place of much potential. Too many home-owners do not use the opportunity to make the most of what can be the defining feature of a houses exterior.

A front porch should be welcoming to guests and give passers-by an idea of the character of the people who live in the house. Here are some examples of the best front porch designs.

Classic Design

Ramananskiene ADJ11

This porch perfectly matches the classic design features of the house it adjoins. The contrasting black of the windows and timber beams against the white render create smart clean lines that draw the eye. This look celebrates the history of the building, provides that extra security a porch promises while adding some privacy through the addition of frosted glass.

Hopefully, these ideas will energise you to get thinking about your porch this spring. If you are looking to re-think the entrance to your home, take a look at what is on offer from Anglian.



Porches are a perfect place to adorn with pots and hanging baskets – these homeonwers definitely think so! Adding flower pots and splashes of colour around the sides with floral hanging baskets creates a really inviting atmosphere. They say “this person takes care of things”, that you’re as colourful and fun as your well-kept miniature hanging gardens of Babylon.


A porch as a reception area can provide the perfect welcome to a home as well as adding value to a property.

Living Space


Create a brand new room for your home by adding a large porch to the front. Perfect if you have a larger front garden than the one at the back, a spacious front perch can become a great entertaining space. With some savvy furniture choices, you can add a whole new dimension to your home. Check out our conservatory buying guide for some handy tips on how to furnish a larger space like this.


Dunnings ADJ17

You can accessorize your porch design with a host of objects. This small, but perfectly formed, porch nods to the seaside/beach style the homeowner is going for with the use of lighthouse sculptures, chrome lamp and a bell. The dusky blue colour of the door and the cladding are also subtly hinted at in the smaller lighthouse, drawing you inside. A clever use of accessories that you can replicate with your own style.

Modern Design


The crisp, clean design is neat and tidy as well as welcoming. The sleek modern flush white uPVC windows contrast nicely with the darker blue of the door. Simple but well kept srubs keep the feeling of welcome while retaining the clean, tidy lines that mark this out as a home of modern refinement.



A clean space for minimal decoration is sometimes preferable for a non-fussy entrance which is relaxing and welcoming. The double doors provide all the welcome you need, drawing you through to the main part of the home. When you use less decoration, but choose the right configuration and front door furniture, your new porch speaks for itself, adding visual appeal and value.

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