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Contemporary Bedroom Window Styles

Contemporary style bedrooms are really on trend right now. It’s easy to create your own contemporary style at home. Keep it minimal, stick to neutral colours with a slick of colour and add a gorgeous statement piece that shouts out your individuality.

You can choose a contemporary style that works for you, industrial, modern, minimal or designer style! This guide is here to help you find the perfect bedroom window style for your home.

Industrial bedrooms

Industrial spaces are inspired by old factories and warehouses. Striking brick work, exposed beams, vintage pipes and ducts in metals and copper, blend harmoniously with modern minimalism.

Preserve the look and feel of your space with light. Floor to ceiling aluminium windows in black and grey will look authentic and bring natural light to your home.

Most industrial windows are left bare in true urban style. If you are looking for some privacy, simple roller blinds in a neutral style are a flexible alternative without deflecting from the urban character of your bedroom.

Minimalist bedrooms

Minimalist bedrooms keep it simple. Natural tones of grey, white and dark blue create an oasis of calm.

Simplify your space with understated furniture. Organised and clutter free bedrooms provide a restful and soothing space.

Floor to ceiling windows with simple aluminium window frames in dark grey or white illuminate your space. Roller blinds or floor-length curtains in soft flowing fabrics add the finishing touches to minimalist bedrooms.


Make a statement with a modern bedroom

Modern bedrooms are a blank canvas. Let your individuality shine through. Introduce colours and patterns and frame your window as a key feature.

Bright colours work well with modern looks – go bold with red, orange, yellow or green. Match and contrast your colours with modern furniture, wallpaper and soft furnishings.

A colourful roller blind or floor-length curtain will add a splash of colour in modern spaces.

Choose a plain block colour design or something with a geometric pattern to truly capture the modern style. Alternatively, neutral colours can also look modern and stylish.

Modern bedrooms should still reflect the minimal, contemporary bedroom style. However, adding a plant or eye-catching lamp to stand in the corner of the window can finish off your room.

Designer bedrooms for added luxury 

Designer bedrooms are all about classic style and luxury. 

The key is high-quality fabrics and soft furnishings, with a rich sumptuous colour palette of greys, creams, golds and silvers.

When it comes to a designer bedroom window, the style of window and frame colour can vary depending on the colour scheme. Curtains are very on-brand for designer bedrooms, and floor-length curtains are made in high quality elegant fabrics.

Well-chosen accessories in contrasting colours like flowers and candles help to set the scene. Upholstered benches or chairs with soft tufted fabrics add a touch of luxury.   

Once you’ve found your perfect style, take a look here for a guide on how you can design and create your perfect bedroom window.

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