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Curtains for Bedroom Windows

At Anglian, we take pride in our knowledge of windows, and with that comes an understanding of curtains! That's why we've created this guide, to help you choose the perfect pair for your bedroom.

Panel curtains

Panel curtains are designed in straight, sweeping sheets of fabric and are ideal for creating a multi-layered effect.

Many panel curtains are unlined and therefore allow plenty of light to come into your bedroom, but you can choose a blackout lining if you’d prefer a bit more privacy instead.

They’re widely available in a variety of patterns and colours to perfectly suit your bedroom, regardless of its existing décor. Choose floral patterns for vintage interiors, or a bold pattern or picture to create a standout point in your bedroom.

Vintage curtains

Looking for a vintage-style curtain for your bedroom? Vintage curtains look amazing against a range of décor, but especially neutral, shabby-chic-style bedrooms.

Choose lace, polka dot or floral prints to completely capture the vintage look, and avoid any bright or loud colours. Neutral colours – especially creams and pale pinks – will work perfectly for vintage style curtains. As for style, aim for sweeping, light fabrics, as they tend to work best.

Designer curtains

If you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious looking and ultra-glam, you’ll want to choose designer curtains.

Designer curtains have the advantage of always being on trend, so whether you’ve decorated your bedroom in the popular Scandinavian or minimalist design, there’s sure to be a designer curtain to fit. Plus, with designer curtains you’re more likely to guarantee that the fabrics will be of the highest quality.

Floor-length curtains

Romantic, light and breezy, floor-length curtains add a touch of elegance into your bedroom. They’re incredibly versatile, though you’ll want to choose neutral block colours to match your bedroom décor, or a printed fabric to make a statement.

Got the curtains, but now you need the windows? Browse our extensive range here to make sure your curtains match.