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Guide to Bedroom Windows

How you style your bedroom is one of the most important design choices you’ll make in your home. It’s a room of relaxation and rest, so it’s important the style reflects a feeling of calm. Your bedroom windows play a key role in this.

In this guide to bedroom windows, we’ll focus on the types of windows that work well in bedrooms. We’ll touch on the most popular bedroom styles out there and the windows that match with them to help create your perfect sanctuary away from the world.

A Space to Relax

Your bedroom is obviously where we go to sleep, relax and escape. Relaxation, though, means different things to different people. It’s our most private space in the home and however you use it, it has to feel like your inner sanctum, the place we feel the calmest.

When it comes to bedroom windows you want to maximise the natural light without compromising privacy and peacefulness. You may already have a design in mind to complement your bedroom or you may want your windows to be the focal point. Let’s look at all your different options.

What to Consider When Replacing Your Bedroom Windows

Changing up your windows can make a world of difference to the look and feel of your bedroom. But you’ll want to get it right. Here’s what you need to think about before making any big decisions.

Bedroom Size and Usable Space

The size of your bedroom and available window space will dictate your choice of windows to a degree. Adding a bay adds a lot of light and some extra space, but structural options can be tricky and even costly above ground floor level. For smaller spaces, sash or tilt and turn windows are great space saving options.

Property Style

You are also often limited by the style of your property. Whether you have a modern or period home, it’s important to choose bedroom windows that are in keeping. Choose uPVC sash windows with a central internal bar for your Victorian home, or sleek aluminium casement windows for your contemporary property.

Remember to check if you are in a conservation area or if your property is listed or protected.


Your bedroom won’t be a sanctuary of calm if you can hear every little noise outside. Our double glazing dramatically reduces noise pollution over older windows. Upgrade to triple glazed windows for maximum noise reduction.


Of course, you’ll want to open your bedroom windows for some ventilation, but you might not want to open them all the way. Sash windows allow you to open from the top or bottom. Tilt and turn windows open slightly at the top for ventilation and so do fully reversible windows. Both those windows can be cleaned safely and easily from the inside, and our sash windows tilt inwards for easy cleaning too.

Maximising Light

Natural light increases calm and keeps your room feeling bright, welcoming and spacious. Floor-to-ceiling picture windows are about as good as it gets to maximise the light coming in. Bay windows are also a very good way to increase light. Enjoy more light and uninterrupted views with a flying mullion casement window.

Georgian style uPVC casement bedroom window in White design inspiration from Anglian Home Improvements

Bedroom Styles

Your chosen design style for your bedroom also has a bearing on your choice of bedroom window. Let’s look at some contemporary bedroom styles and how this might affect your choice.


Inspired by old industrial buildings, the key features of this style include exposed bricks, metal beams and steel or copper pipes. Aluminium windows are a perfect match for this style. Black aluminium windows look authentic and their slimmer frames let in more light.

A good alternative would also be a uPVC flush window in anthracite grey. Their flush finish looks modern and stylish, and the great emphasises their sharp lines.


Minimalist bedrooms keep it simple with muted tones and limited clutter. Natural light plays a large part so we'd recommend bedroom windows that let in as much light as possible. Clean lines are a key feature too, so windows will need to match that.

If you have flexibility, opt for aluminium or larger windows like tilt and turn for more natural light and stylish looks. Both casement and sash windows are great for bringing in natural light and come in a range of colours and configurations to suit most interior styles.

White UPVC bay window with cottage bars from the Anglian cottage windows range


The cottage aesthetic has a romanticism that pervades every generation. Low ceilings, thick walls, soft natural light and warm colours are the key features. If you live in a cottage, it's easy to do, but if you don't it's about choosing the right decoration and bedroom windows to match.

Flush casement windows with cottage bars are perfect for this look. Equally, adding cottage bars to any window creates the illusion of separate panes for that cute, cosy feel. You could even make your windows smaller, deepen your sills or even add leaded glass designs.


Designer bedrooms are all about classic style and luxury. The key is high-quality fabrics and soft furnishings, with a rich sumptuous colour palette of greys, creams, golds and silvers. When it comes to a designer bedroom window, the style of window and frame colour can vary depending on the colour scheme.

You could add a shaped uPVC window to really make a grand statement. If you're looking for luxury, elite uPVC sash windows have mock horns and classic gold knobs and locks for that regency feel. Attention to detail is crucial, so pick window furniture to match your colour palette and style.

Dressing Your Windows to Suit Your Style

Getting the window dressings right is a crucial step in creating your ideal bedroom style.

Bedroom Curtains

Floor-length curtains are a popular choice if you have the space – and can help create various looks. Choosing floor-length curtains in soft-flowing fabrics will work well in minimalist bedrooms. High-quality, luxurious materials are ideal for designer bedrooms.

Bedroom Blinds

Curtains or blinds are essential in any bedroom, the key is choosing the right ones for your style. Luckily, we work with Norwich Sunblinds and offer a bespoke blinds and curtains service across East Anglia. We also work with DotcomBlinds, who send easy to install made to measure blinds direct to you. Find the perfect blinds and curtains to fit your bedroom windows.

Bedroom Shutters

Full-length bedroom shutters in light colours make a great choice for minimalist bedrooms. Shutters with a little colour are a fantastic pick for more classic European-style bedrooms. We also love them in more of a boho-style bedroom that uses plenty of natural materials and colours.

Cottage style uPVC casement bedroom window in White design inspiration from Anglian Home Improvements

Bedroom Window Styles With Anglian Home Improvements

Whether you’re looking to enhance existing features or completely transform your bedroom, Anglian can help you find a window that suits your needs. From stylish aluminium casement windows to traditional sash windows, you’ll be confident in the knowledge all our products are durable, energy-efficient, and individually made here in Britain to the highest industry standards.

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