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Yale Smart Living

Here, we provide details on the features of Yale Smart Living locks and Digital Door Viewer, helping give extra peace of mind and additional security on Anglian doors.

If you still have any additional questions after you’ve had a read, or would like more information, speak to a member of our team today.

How to Use my Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock

Yale keyless handle being unlocked with phone

Upon installation of your new Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock, you will receive a user guide, which details exactly what you need to do to set it up, how to use it and what you need to do in emergencies. You can also download the guide here.

To use your new Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock, you have a couple of options, both of which remove the fuss of struggling to open the door when you’ve got your hands full!

  1. Using the app. With the Yale Bluetooth Conexis™ App, you can open your door by simply twisting your phone 90⁰ to unlock the door. Your phone doesn’t have to be open/unlocked for this to work, the app just needs to be open in the background of your phone.
  2. Using the key tag. To open the door, press the key tag against your lock.
If you're still unsure of anything, please call 0800 988 9398, open Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:30pm. In case of an emergency such as being unable to access your property, please contact the emergency line on 0800 078 7950. The emergency line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note if the emergency call-out results in a non-product fault, then this would be a chargeable service.

How long is the guarantee on my Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock?

Yale smart living lock

The Conexis™ L1 Smart Door lock comes with a comprehensive 2 year guarantee, covering the lock, handle and installation. The lock has been tested to withstand tens of thousands of cycles of opening and closing.

What if the battery runs out?

Yale smart living lock battery change

Your handle will need new batteries from time to time, approximately every 12 months, depending on individual usage. You will receive plenty of warning when it is time to refresh the the batteries, under normal usage this should give you two months’ notice.

If you have ignored the warnings, a 9V battery can be used via the dedicated contacts on the outside of the handle to power its operation. In case of an emergency such as being unable to access your property, please contact the emergency line on 0800 078 7950. The emergency line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please note if the emergency call-out results in a non-product fault, then this would be a chargeable service.

How do I order additional Key Tags?

Yale keyless handle being unlock with smart key

You can request more Key Tags for your Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock by calling 0800 988 9398 Monday to Friday, 9am – 5:30pm.

How to use the Digital Door Viewer

Yale digital door viewer menu screen

The Yale Digital Door Viewer (DDV) gives you peace of mind by allowing you to see who’s outside your door, even at night time. As well as taking pictures of people visiting when you’re not home, it has built in night-vision so you get a clear image even when it’s pitch black outside.

When the doorbell is rung, the Yale DDV will display an image for 10, 15 or 20 seconds, depending on what you set it to when you set the DDV up. The photo will be stored in the memory of the DDV, where it can store up to 50 images.

If you get to the door and the image has gone because of the time set, you can view who’s at your door by pressing the power button – this will wake the screen up again. A photo of each visitor will save to the memory of your Yale DDV with a date and time stamp. There is a micro SD slot should you wish to increase the memory. To scroll through the photo album, press the power button, then the Up arrow to enter the DDV album. Use the Up and Down buttons to scroll through the photos.

To delete images, press the menu button on an image and press the recycle bin button and confirm.

What’s covered in my Yale Security Guarantee?

Digital door viewer on outside of door

The 10 year guarantee covers all our doors that have the Yale 3* cylinder, offering you some fantastic financial protection should a break in take place due to the failure of the Yale 3* Cylinder. The guarantee will start at the same time as your Anglian doors guarantee. This is separate from the Yale Conexis™ L1 Smart Door Lock which is covered for 2 years.

Here’s what’s covered:

  1. Up to £250 off any initial call out fee to a locksmith or other professional tradesman to secure the property, including any temporary security measures.
  2. If the door requires repair or to be completely re-made and installed, Yale will arrange for Anglian Home Improvements to undertake this work, at no cost to you.
  3. Yale will make a goodwill payment of £1,000 for the inconvenience and distress caused.
  4. If following the break in, you make a claim for theft of property on your home insurance and this leads to an excess payment, Yale will pay the excess up to £1,000.
  5. Yale will offer £500 to be spent at the Yale Shop.

How do I report a burglary and make a claim?

Yale smart living key on phone screen

If you believe a break-in has occurred due to the failure of your Yale 3* Cylinder this is the process you should follow:

  1. Call Anglian to notify us of a break-in so we can add this to our systems.
  2. Submit a written claim to Yale.
  3. Yale will then contact us to confirm you are an Anglian customer and within the guarantee period.
  4. Yale and Anglian engineers will carry out an inspection of the cylinder to confirm the cause of the break-in was due to the cylinder.
  5. From here, you will be informed if it was at fault or not. If it is, your claim will continue where we will rebuild your door and Yale will honour their guarantee.

The Yale Security Guarantee is only valid when the following terms and conditions are met in full:

  • The home must have been broken in to via forced entry as the result of failure of the Yale Three Star Cylinder.
  • The benefits of the Yale Security Guarantee only apply where entry is gained to the property through the failure of the Yale Three Star Cylinder covered by this guarantee.
  • If the break in to the property is judged to have occurred due to the failing of any other component (for example broken glass) none of the above benefits will be paid.
  • This guarantee shall not operate and will have no effect if the hardware has been incorrectly adjusted, maintained or operated.
  • The guarantee will not apply if the product has been subjected to abuse, vandalism, negligence or subjected to forces and stresses beyond recommended levels prior to the break in.
  • The guarantee will only be valid providing no modifications, repair or alteration has been made without approval.
  • Yale recommends that the cylinder is lubricated at least twice a year with lock graphite (or graphite pencil) – Apply this lubricant to the key only and work the key in and out of the cylinder a few times. Never apply lubricant directly into the cylinder as this may cause the internal pins to stick. The decision of the Yale and Anglian Home Improvements service engineers is final in respect of
    (i) whether the door or window has been maintained according to care instructions
    (ii) whether any modification/repair has been made and
    (iii) whether entry has been gained through failure of the Yale Three Star Cylinder
  • When the break in occurred the door must have been securely closed and locked.
  • All claims are subject to the property being regularly occupied and furnished.
  • Commercial properties are excluded.
  • The claim and all supporting documentation must have been notified and submitted to Yale within the time limits noted above. Failure to comply with these time limits may invalidate the claim.
  • The guarantee is only transferable to a new owner if the Anglian Home Improvements guarantee is still valid and has been transferred to the new owner prior to the break in.
  • Includes the Yale Conexis Handle. (Where fitted, when damaged during a successful break-in).
Subject to the conditions above, this Security Guarantee is valid for 10 years.