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Made to Measure External Doors

Bespoke front doors made to measure for your home are the best option when replacing your doors. A made to measure service replaces the whole door set, including the frame, locks and door furniture. Made to measure external doors are the best way to ensure your door performs at its very best.

A made to measure front door is energy-efficient, secure and reliable. Doors that aren't made to measure can come with no end of problems. With doors being such an important part of your home, can you really afford to leave it to chance?

Our guide takes you through why you should choose made to measure doors. It also takes you through what makes them better than standard sized doors and what you can expect when you get your door with Anglian.

Why Choose a Made to Measure Front Door


Bespoke front doors from supply and fit companies are made with high quality materials as standard. Our composite, uPVC, aluminium and wooden doors come with BBA and BSI accreditations for quality. They also carry lengthy guarantees on parts, labour and glass.


Made to measure doors often come with high-quality cylinder locks and the Secure by Design police accreditation. Their bespoke fit and installation increases their security too. Ill fitting doors or frames are potential ways into your home for intruders.

Energy Efficiency:

You can expect higher energy ratings from bespoke external doors. Look out for accreditations from the British Fenestration Council. Make sure you note the u-value too, which measures how good an insulator a door is, the lower the value the better.

Perfect fit:

Bespoke front doors have a perfect fit so your doors are as energy efficient, secure and weatherproof as they should be. We send a qualified surveyor to take accurate measurements. Having a perfect fit means less mess, less disruption and higher performance.


Made to measure external doors from a supply and fit company like Anglian offer lots of customisation. Not only in terms of flexible sizing, colour and furniture, but you can even add your own unique decorative glass designs.

How Long Does it Take to Make a Custom Door?

How long it takes to make a custom door depends on door material, size and customisations like top lights, decorative glazing and furniture. After our qualified surveyor has taken final measurements, we’ll give you an expected installation date and advice on getting your home ready for your new doors.

How do You Size a New Front Door?

To size a door, measure inside the frame with a taut tape measure. Measure along the top, middle and bottom for accurate measurements. When measuring for a full door set that includes the frame, you need to measure the whole opening from brick to brick as well.

When you get made to measure doors with us, taking initial measurements help determine your free quote. After you agree your quote though, you don’t need to worry about being pinpoint accurate, that’s our job. We send a qualified surveyor to make sure we have precise measurements, so you get a door that fits perfectly.

Anglian Bespoke Front Doors

Made to Measure Composite Doors

Composite doors are fast becoming the number one choice for UK homeowners. Secure, energy-efficient and easy to maintain, it’s easy to see why. Whether your home is modern or more traditional, you'll have plenty of choice when it comes to design.

Our Classic GRP composite doors feature high-quality, impact-resistant materials. They're fully insulated too, and available in 24 styles and 11 different colours.

Our Elite Solid Core composite doors are class leaders in strength and security. They feature a triple-layer solid timber core. Their durable skin has a ‘through colour’ finish, so any scratches on the surface won’t show up as a different colour underneath.

Made to Measure uPVC Doors

uPVC doors are popular for being low-maintenance, affordable and long-lasting. Accredited by the BFRC, they are rated up to A for energy efficiency. Made to measure uPVC doors won't let draughts or wet weather in when closed, thanks to their durability and perfect fit.

Customise your doors with seven different colours and natural-looking finishes like Dark Woodgrain. We have a wide range of styles for homes of any period. Choose from our Victorian, Edwardian, Georgian and contemporary options.

Bespoke Wooden Doors

Our made to measure timber doors are a classic choice and work well with all property styles. Wooden doors are treated and finished to stop warping and they come with 30-year anti-rot guarantees. Strong, durable and naturally insulating, they are a great long-term investment.

Our bespoke wooden doors are crafted to the highest quality by skilled craftspeople. You’ll find 22 different wooden door designs to choose from.

Made to Measure Aluminium Doors

Bespoke aluminium doors promise designer looks, strength and a host of security benefits. Their thermal break, double glazing and made to measure fit help keep the cold out and the warmth in. We use extruded aluminium alloy with a powder coated finish that makes the doors durable and easy to maintain.

Our aluminium doors are of the highest quality, resistant to corrosion and fading. We fit our bespoke aluminium doors with 3-star cylinder locks for increased security. Customise your door with six different designs and over 200 colours to choose from.

How Much is a Custom Size Front Door?

Custom size front doors vary in cost depending on the size you need, material and customisations like premium door furniture, decorative glass or sidelights. Because every door is different, so is the price – so we give you a free no-obligation quote that is unique to you.

Fill in our form today and we’ll be in touch to arrange your free quote.

Design your Made to Measure Front Door with Anglian

See the impact a made to measure front door could have on your home with our visualiser tool. Pick the property type that best matches your home or upload your own photo. Then, add the door of your choice to discover the possibilities for your property.

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