Benefits of a Conservatory

Not only does a conservatory let in plenty of glorious sunlight, they can – when designed correctly – provide the ideal space you've been looking for. Not only do they provide an extra room for your home, the multitude of options available means you can build a conservatory that serves as anything from a sun room to an extra cosy bedroom.

Plenty Of Choice

There are many different styles of conservatory to choose from, and so many more building options than you may at first think.

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Structural options

You can explore options with full floor-to-ceiling windows for a full view of the outdoors, or you can incorporate the existing brick walls of your home – or even choose the height of the conservatory walls to suit you.

Window design and finishing touches

On top of this, you can opt for French doors, glass with patterns or colours, different styles of cresting and finials, as well as special materials in the roof to protect your space from too much heat or light in the warmer months. You can also choose from many different styles, including Elizabethan, Edwardian, P-Shapes and Regency.

Flexible styling

The style options that come with getting a conservatory give you flexibility over how you'd like your space to look. This means you can make the most of your space and light, with accessories and embellishments to suit the style of your home.

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A Simpler Solution

Depending on your requirements, a conservatory can offer a simpler alternative to building an extension on your home. More often than not, conservatories can be cheaper, and you don't always needs to obtain planning permission to build one - however this does depend on your property and the type of conservatory you're looking to build.

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Solid roof conservatory with red tiles and dual Dark Woodgrain and White uPVC casement windows and French doors opening onto patio

Added Value

Did you know a conservatory could add value to your home? If you're looking for a way to improve your home that may just benefit you when it comes to sell, it's worth looking into building a conservatory.

An Extra Room

Conservatories can serve as a functioning room all year round. You can install radiators or under-floor heating to keep them useable in winter, as well as the appropriate cooling systems and even blinds to block sunlight for use during the summer months.

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