Energy Efficient Windows

Recent advancements in glass technology mean that our energy saving windows are more efficient than ever, helping to make your home warmer, save you money on your heating bills and cut carbon emissions. All energy efficient windows are given a rating, which measures their effectiveness at keeping out the cold, retaining heat and how much money you can save as a result.

Energy efficiency and reducing your carbon footprint is important to many Anglian customers. To help you compare the effectiveness of each of our energy efficient windows, we use the energy ratings system developed by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), which is the UK’s nationally recognised scheme for measuring window energy efficiency. The BFRC scheme is used in Building Regulations to show compliance for window replacements; to comply, every window must achieve a C rating or above.

Each window is assessed to measure how well it prevents heat loss, keeps draughts out and how well it absorbs natural free energy from the sun. This combination of factors gives an overall energy rating, ranging from A+ to G, with A+ being the highest rating.

Every Anglian window is an energy saving window, with an energy rating of B or above. Many of our energy efficient windows achieve an A or A+ rating, which means they make the most of solar energy, keep the warmth in and are virtually draught-free. By installing Anglian’s windows, you’ll be confident your home will be as warm as possible, saving you money at the same time.

Thermal energy efficiency before and after
Energy label Energy rating info Energy rating table

GGF typical house* upgrading from pre 2002 double glazed PVC-U windows to Anglian A rated.

Annual Saving

GGF typical house* upgrading from single glazed timber windows with electric heating to Anglian A rated.

Annual Saving

At Anglian, we produce energy efficient windows which achieve a minimum B energy rating or above, exceeding Building Regulations’ requirements. All our uPVC Double glazing windows achieve an A rating as standard. The higher the rating, the more energy your windows save, which not only makes your home warmer, but helps to keep your heating bills lower. There’s environmental benefits, too. By consuming less energy to heat your home, you’ll also be reducing your CO2 emissions.

Switching from single glazing to our A rated energy saving double glazed windows will save money and significantly reduce heat loss. Even replacing older windows to our modern A rated double glazed windows will make a difference. For all round energy performance as well as other benefits, such as better soundproofing and security, you can choose triple glazed windows, which also achieve an A rating.

Our A rated windows are available in a number of styles and for even greater energy efficiency, you can upgrade to A+ glass in some styles or opt for triple glazing, which is particularly beneficial for north-facing rooms.

Casement Sash Tilt & Turn Bay Cottage
uPVC Wood Alu uPVC Wood Alu uPVC Wood Alu uPVC Wood Alu uPVC Wood Alu
A+ rated x x x x x x x x x x x x
A rated x x x x x
B rated x x
C rated x x x x x x x x x x
Triple Glazing x x x x x x x x x x x x x
Sound Reducing x x x x x x x x x x

Key performance factors for energy rating

Energy ratings are calculated by measuring three performance factors:

Thermal transmittance Thermal transmittance window

1. Thermal transmittance, (U value) - which measures how well your window retains heat. The lower the amount of heat lost and U value, the warmer your home will be.

Solar G factor Solar G factor window

2. Solar, (G factor) - this evaluates how well your window harvests the sun’s natural heat. Expressed as a number between 0 - 1, the higher the number, the better your window is at capturing heat.

Air leakage Air leakage window

3. Air leakage, (L factor) - measures how airtight your windows are. The lower the L factor, the less draughty your window will be.

The combination of these three factors provides an overall energy rating for each window.

A Rated double glazing

Our A rated double glazing far exceeds the current Building Regulations’ requirement for a C rating for energy efficiency, making them a great all-round choice. An A rating is standard on our UPVC windows, which suit any age of property and are available in a number of styles including casement, sash, tilt and turn, bay and cottage.

Our wooden casement window styles also benefit from an A rating and other window types can be upgraded to this glass to make your home warmer and more energy efficient. By harvesting solar energy and preventing heat loss and draughts, our A rated windows gain more heat than they lose, saving you money on your energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint.

Double Glazing

A+ Rated double glazing

Anglian’s A+ rated windows benefit from a pane of clear Low E glass, which helps your windows harvest even more heat from the sun. These highly energy efficient windows are ideal for south-facing rooms or elevations where the most natural solar heat can be gained, helping to further improve the energy efficiency of your home. These are our best performing windows for capturing the sun’s energy.

Our A+ rated windows also benefit from further thermal enhancements which prevent even more heat from escaping through the frame and glass. You can choose A+ rated windows in our popular window styles, including casement and sash.

Because these windows are so energy efficient, you could be gaining more free heat than your property loses, which means your home will be even better insulated.

Double Glazing

A Rated triple glazing

For the best all-round performance choose triple glazing, which benefits from an A energy rating, making brilliant energy saving windows. Our triple glazed windows are excellent at keeping your home warm and cosy. With an additional pane of glass, they are perfect for north-facing windows as they retain warmth and prevent precious heat from escaping.

There are extra benefits, too. As well as achieving great heat retention properties, our triple glazed windows also offer great acoustics and sound-proofing qualities, helping to keep unwanted noise out of your home. They’re a great choice if you’re disturbed by a busy road, air or rail traffic. Their security features also help to make your home safer, making it harder for intruders to break in.

As with all Anglian windows, you can choose the glass option best suited for the aspect, use and elevation of each room.

Triple Glazing

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