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The Ultimate Kid's Bedroom Window

When it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms, the possibilities are endless.

Many children like to decorate their room to match their interests at the time, be it a football club, TV show or movie. Themes like these mean you can get extra creative when decorating your child’s room.

That said, minimalist designs consisting of neutral walls and floors with occasional pops of colour and pattern are a very popular choice for kids’ bedrooms. They’re both fun and grown up, which helps to ensure your children won’t want to keep changing their bedroom décor as they grow up!

Windows play an important role in a bedroom’s design, so you’ll want to make sure your window dressings are not only fit for purpose, but match your child’s style. If you’ve ever wondered if a curtain or blind is more appropriate for your child’s bedroom windows, this guide is here to help you.

Make a splash with a patterned curtain

Curtains are a great option for kids’ bedrooms. As stated previously, many children like their room to be decorated with emblems from their favourite franchise, hobby or football club, and these are often available printed on curtains. You can match the curtains to the duvet, wallpaper or cushions too, to make your children’s room a place they’ll love to spend time in.

Polka dots, flowers, animals and cars also make great patterns for children’s curtains, and can add a pop of whimsy and colour to their bedroom window. Sheer curtains are also popular – you can even have both with a double curtain pole, as you can pair a sheer with a patterned curtain.

Either way, you’ll want to consider adding a blackout lining to your child’s curtains. They’re recommended to ensure your child’s sleep isn’t disturbed by sunlight.


Blinds are a practical choice for children’s bedrooms as they're neat and tidy. While long, flowing curtains may be prone to splashes and mess in a children’s bedroom, blinds are easily pulled up and down and perfectly fit the window without going over, so are a popular choice for this reason.

Roman or roller blinds consist of a large amount of fabric, so can be easily customised with the pattern of design of your choice, whether that be your child’s favourite cartoon character or animal. You can also choose blackout blinds to ensure no sunlight comes through and your child’s sleep is not cut short.

The finishing touches

Window boxes make a great addition to children’s bedrooms, as they can be upholstered and made into a seat or area to read and play. You’ll want to add cushions and throws to make it extra cosy.

Another idea is adding some extra fun to your child’s windows with stickers. There are many window stickers available, from flowers to butterflies, rockets to planets. You can even buy window stickers from your children’s favourite cartoon, movie or TV show to make the room personal and special to them. You can also buy curtain ties in a variety of shapes, designs and materials, including animals, letters and cars, to really make their bedroom window stand out.

If you’re still struggling to choose the perfect blind or curtain for your child’s bedroom, explore our guides here for even more helpful information.