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Scandinavian-Style Bedroom Windows

Scandinavian style is incredibly popular, not only in Northern Europe but across the world. It’s hailed for its simplicity, functionality and minimalism – the key to achieving it is through creating natural, neutral interiors with plenty of light.

So, if you’re choosing a Scandinavian-style bedroom, and have decked out your room in whites, greys and natural furnishings, it’s important you don’t forget to dress your windows in the same Scandi style.

Keep it minimal

The key to Scandinavian style is its minimalistic nature – this applies to windows too.

You’ll want to avoid any bright patterns or garish colours in your window and opt for whites, greys and dark blues. If you do want a pop of colour, then choose accents of dusky pinks or seafoam greens.

When it comes to the window frame itself, white is a popular and fitting colour that’ll work perfectly with Scandinavian interiors, but you may also choose natural wood or black depending on the rest of your bedroom.

Allow the light in

Scandinavian countries only get as little as seven hours of daylight in winter months, so allowing as much light in as possible is incredibly important in Scandinavian interiors.

Many Scandinavian homes dispel curtains or blinds to ensure optimum light will flood through, but if you do need some extra protection against sunlight, choose breezy, light curtains or wooden blinds.

For example, floor-length white curtains in thin fabrics are very popular in Scandinavian interior design as they still allow plenty of light into the room. Alternatively, light, natural wood or white wooden blinds are a great option for people wanting to emulate Scandi design but block out more sunlight.

At night, candlelight is a must. In many Scandinavian homes, cafes and restaurants, candles are lit 24/7, providing a cosy and warm feel. Add a candle to your windowsill for true Scandinavian style but remember to blow it out before bed!

Window dressings

When it comes to dressing your window, there are plenty of things you can do to achieve a Scandinavian look.

Simple, decorative accents work best. Plants and botanicals in a pot either on the windowsill or hung up above will look great, while geometric decorations will add a pop of colour and style.

Copper accents are also a great way to add some colour to your window dressing, while stacking books create a modern and stylish touch. 

With Scandinavian interiors, the key is to keep everything light and minimal. Avoid any bright, garish colours and don’t over clutter. Keep it simple, natural and clean and you’ll achieve a truly Scandinavian look.

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