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How to Dress Your Bedroom Window

A well-dressed bedroom window can complete your bedroom and make it look homely, stylish and perfectly you.

But if you’ve recently moved to a new house or decorated your bedroom and are stuck for ideas on how to dress your bedroom windows, worry no more. This guide will help you with the best ways to do it effectively, so that your windows perfectly suit your style.

Curtain power

When it comes to bedroom windows, the power of a good curtain cannot be underestimated. They have the ability to complete your window and add an element of elegance and style.

Curtains can be made in a range of fabrics, colours and patterns for a contemporary or traditional finish that suits your existing décor. Floor-length curtains are romantic, light and breezy, and when made in fine cotton or sheer linen work to soften the room and look truly elegant.

Alternatively, velvet as a curtain fabric creates a cosy, luxurious feel. Velvet is thick, so it’s better at keeping sunlight and cool air at bay, whilst the sheen fabric looks gorgeous and helps to create a homely atmosphere.

Although plain, block colours work best with curtains, you can also opt for flowery, polka dot or geometric designs. These will look ultra-stylish and help make your bedroom window a real focal point.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

The beauty of a curtain is in the fact that you can customise them so easily.

There are a number of curtain ties on the market in a range of designs, including flower, tassel, and diamante options. Ties are not only practical, but they have the ability to add an extra element of style to curtains when tied back. 

A contemporary take on a traditional curtain finish, a pelmet works to provide a neat finish to your windows as it hides curtain poles, while still looking sophisticated at the same time. You can also mix and match patterns for an especially modern finish, or keep them all neutral for a traditional feel.

Curtain poles also offer an extra stylish element to your bedroom window, and are available in a number of designs. You can even choose a double pole and hang a sheer net curtain at the same time. This will provide an extra element of privacy and protection from the sunlight.

Keep it neat with blinds

An alternative to curtains, blinds – especially Roman and roller varieties – are also a popular option for bedrooms. Roman blinds consist of panels of fabric that fully roll up during the day to allow for plenty of sunlight, whereas roller blinds consist of one large pull down of fabric. 

When made in a bold colour or pattern, Roman and roller blinds can transform your bedroom and add a well-needed pop of colour to neutral bedrooms. For a luxurious feel, use silk fabrics, or for a traditional look, opt for a crisp linen design.

Incorporate a shutter

A window shutter is a solid and stable window dressing that consists of a frame of vertical and horizontal slats. Shutters are available in a number of different styles, but the top choice for bedrooms is the full solid shutter, as these completely block out sunlight.

Shutters look neat and tidy in a window and are easily customisable too. Opt for a shutter in white or cream for a traditional look or be bold and add a pop of colour for a more modern feel instead. You can even buy painted flower or oriental-designed shutters, which look brilliant in bedrooms. 

Don't forget the decorations

Once you have your window and have dressed it with a blind, curtain or shutter of your choice, it’s time to decorate.

Plants and flowers look wonderful when placed in a the bedroom window, while candles and ornaments create a more traditional feel. If you’re lucky enough to have a window box, place pillows and throws to match your curtains here, or dress them with fairy lights for a truly cosy feel.

If you’re still undecided on dressings for your bedroom windows, check out more of our helpful guides on curtains and blinds.