We take care of planning permission

Not many people enjoy paperwork, so we do it all for you when you improve your home with Anglian.

Planning permission is granted by your local authority, giving you the go-ahead for your home improvements. They will consider things such as the impact of your building work on neighbours and the surrounding area. If your work is covered by ‘permitted development’ you won’t require formal planning permission.

Generally, you’ll need to check if planning permission is required if:

  • You live in a listed building
  • Your home is in a conservation area
  • You’re adding a conservatory, extension or orangery
  • You’re converting all or part of your garage
  • You’re building a large porch

You do not need planning permission if you’re replacing existing windows.

We’ve a specialist team dedicated to handling your planning permission from beginning to end. You can be reassured that you’re in safe hands – we’ve got almost 50 years’ experience in helping people with their home improvements and handle thousands of successful applications annually.

We also know what building work is covered under “permitted development” criteria, so will not apply for planning permission unnecessarily, saving you money (an application costs £150 in England). Failing to comply can result in a £5,000 fine and your building work being demolished – so we can offer you the reassurance of knowing that everything’s in order.

Often, conservatory planning permission isn’t needed if, for example, your home is not listed and the work meets certain conditions. These include being no more than half the building’s size and covering less than half of its grounds, with no balconies, verandas or raised platforms and is a maximum of 4 metres high and no taller than the existing roof. You can usually build a single-storey rear extension providing it extends no more than 3 metres beyond the rear wall of your home if it’s attached, or 4 metres if it’s detached.

We also take care of all the necessary building regulations - these cover all aspects of the construction, from foundations and damp-proofing to insulation, ventilation and safety. We build to the very highest standard, guarantee our work and are accredited by all the relevant authorities. So with Anglian, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands that will look after you from start to finish.