History Boys Rugby Club supported by Anglian Home Improvements

21st January 2015

Anglian Home Improvements are pleased to be able to support the History Boys Rugby Football Club, a university team based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

History Boys Rugby Football Club are now sponsored by Anglian
The team, consisting of mainly 17 to 22 year olds, compete in the intramural league at Edinburgh University, (similar to that at Oxbridge and Durham), but the teams are subject based instead. With 8 teams playing each other twice and the top 4 going into a play offs style end of season cup, it is a highly competitive competition.

Historically, the team hasn’t always performed that well (they only won one game once), however, last season was there most successful yet. They have recruited a good group of younger players and created a club feel through socials, tours and fund raisers. 

This seemed to boost the team as they charged to a second place finish and runners up in the cup. Quite a turn around!

Anglian Home Improvements is proud to announce we will be sponsoring the team for the season. The sponsorship helps by allowing the University to discount the kit - as a student organisation, they receive very limited funding. This can make it difficult for the players to afford some of the more expensive items needed to participate. 
The university wants to treat everyone in the team equally so a discount ensures equal access for everyone. It is vital in building bridges across years in the university and ensuring they retain many of the younger new players because they do not feel they are treated as extras.

The team is already playing exceptionally well as they are half way through the season and are sitting top of the league, clear by five points. If they can sustain this form, they should be able to win the league and hopefully, the cup too. 

With the team building and a successful season underway, they are now considering entering a Saturday league.

From everyone here at Anglian, we wish the team the best of luck with the rest of the season!

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