Ziggy Stardust – Famous Walls And Windows

By on 28th March in Home Inspiration

1972 – Anglian was a mere 6 years old and had not yet expanded across the country, but in Heddon Street, London a photo was being taken that would become one of the most recognisable of its era. David Bowie’s iconic The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars album cover was taken on that very street, making it arguably for all the Bowie fans, one of the most famous streets since The Beatles Abbey Road.

Ziggy Stardust Album CoverImage sourced bbc.co.uk/news

It used to be a very ordinary back street, but 40 years down the line it is now a bustling street, bursting with eateries serving delicious food and lively bars dragging in the crowds. To add to the current character of the road, there will be a plaque laid in tribute to this iconic album, which catapulted Bowie into worldwide stardom.

Now, being specialists in windows, we couldn’t help but notice that the buildings in the background of the album cover haven’t changed much in 40 years! They are very recognisable and it is always interesting to see how places change over time.  Heddon Street may have been a bit run down before, but now it looks very classy, modern and acquainted to giving us great places to wine and dine.

Heddon Street buildings in the background of album cover

Image sourced from Google maps

40 years ago Ziggy stood on that very set of stairs; now there is a restaurant either side of it, Piccolino on one side and Strawberry Moons the other. Both look sophisticated and inviting restaurants showing how the area has improved over the years. This street will now be the home of a plaque representing a memorable album, photo and street. It could become a shrine for all of the die hard Bowie fans out there, who will visit year after year to commemorate the pop legend.

Heddon Street where Ziggy Stardust stoodImage sourced from Google maps

This famous street has matured and gained popularity maybe because of Bowie’s influence or maybe because of it’s prime location, either way it is now a road that will forever stand-out in the history books of music. In another 40 years time will it be as iconic? Will it be updated further or will the owners maintain its current architecture?

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