Should You Start Home Improvement Projects Over The Winter?

By on 6th November in Home Inspiration

Home improvement projects are generally considered the summer job that we all start planning in the once days get shorter and the weather gets cooler. However, there are many improvements that can be made during the winter months. We’ve taken a look at what is typically seasonal work, and found some surprising insight into what can be achieved over the winter months.

The warm summer months are a great opportunity to paint the garden fence, re-turf, knock down half your house and let a nice breeze in while you build an extension or completely redesign your floorplan.

Your days in the sun should also be spent thinking about how to best protect your homes for the winter months. Although not purely “summer jobs”, insulating your home against the chill is always recommended.

What can you do to your home in the winter?


Have you ever walked past a poorly fitted closed window and felt a light draft? There are some cheap options to reduce air infiltration and keep your home warm.

Strips of rubber weather sealing can be applied around the edge of the window; the colour can match and blend into your frame.

Window insulation film covers the glass for that extra layer of protection. Watch out for a cloudy effect though when applying it.

Curtains might block out the light in the day but at night they are one of the most effective window insulators. They’re also a good home design opportunity.

The more permanent solution is of course to replace windows; we recommend this if you’re regularly getting condensation which can then become mouldy.

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An image of a woman open curtains to glorious sunshine

Loft insulation

This can be done any time in the year but the sooner the better if you want to reap the benefits of having heat stay in you living space rather than escape through the roof. When it snows, look at whether snow stays on your neighbours’ roofs; those without snow have poor loft insulation!

It is also worth getting an energy audit or getting your boiler serviced. You will benefit if a fault can be fixed before the cold – there’s nothing worse than a boiler giving up on Christmas Eve!


Laying carpet for the first time or renewing an old one can warm and revive a room which is a big plus for winter. Make sure it is well fitted and you’ll benefit from a great insulator or both sound and heat!

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These are a very easy home improvement project. You can renew doorknobs, install new cupboards, towel hooks in the bathroom, a new showerhead, new taps and extra coat hooks for when friends and family visit your spruced up home.

Image of two coats


Painting interiors is not weather-dependant. It may be pouring with rain, hailing or snowing so much there are children skiing across your garden. Whether you are touching up scratches on the walls or completely changing the colour to re-energise the room, grab a paint brush and let your imagination run wild.

Warm the room first if it is particularly chilly. Years ago people used to sit the paint on a stove, making it stick better and giving you a better finish. While the stove isn’t necessary these days due to different paint consistencies, cold painting can lead to uneven drying.

Image of a man ready to paint a room

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Winter in the UK is not a season that will prevent you from improving your home; the focus should be on insulation, particularly on windows and the loft. Our advice is to do what you want when the fancy takes you. Be reasonable, don’t take an exterior wall down when it’s snowing!

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