The Benefits of Windows

By on 3rd October in Home Inspiration

Your home is your castle; it is there to provide you with shelter, warmth and security… it probably doesn’t have a moat and drawbridge because times have moved on, so what in your home is made to provide better warmth, security and shelter, with the added benefit of saving you money?

Windows of course! They have advanced so much in the last 50 years, with single glazed aluminium becoming a rarity and double glazing stepping to the forefront for the last 30 years to provide us with warmer homes. However, with energy bills rising, we are looking for ways to fend of the cold in our homes to save us money on heating. Say ‘Hello’ to A+ rated double glazed windows and Anglian’s new Triple Glazed Windows!

Like Knights in shining armour, the A+ rated double glazing and Triple glazed windows have burst into our homes to provide us with some astounding property traits. What are they you ask?


The biggest villain for our super heroes is the cold, constantly fighting to get into our homes, especially through our windows and doors, which accounts for 20% of all heat loss from your home.

Super Triple Glazing

With brand new A+ rated windows or Triple Glazing on the case though, they can wield their axe on the cold and send it on its way. A+ rated windows will harness the Sun’s energy and trap it inside your home, leaving you with cosy warm toes and lower energy bills. Triple Glazing, although his armoury shines some of the Sun’s warmth away, his shield (an extra pane of glass) holds more of the heat within your home, allowing less to escape doing wonders for the comfort of your home, so you can do away with that extra blanket.


The triple glazed window has one more trick up tucked up its sleeve. It can help reduce the level of noise entering your home too. How?

With all of the extra materials that go into making a triple glazed window, sound waves cannot vibrate as well through the three layers of glass, therefore quietening the sound entering your home. That’s the power of three…


Our heroic windows will guard your home day and night. Using their shoot bolt locks that penetrate deep into the frame, their excluder devices that prevent jemmying and obviously, their strong, sturdy and robust profiling with a multi-chambered uPVC construction and welded joints, they can withstand even the most determined of criminals. If your name’s not on the list, you ain’t getting in!

Pashley bicycle

They’re not just tough on the outside. The inside is protected with key locking handles and as the glazing is fitted from the inside, the windows cannot be removed from the outside.

These casement and tilt and turn windows are so secure, they have been awarded with the Secured by Design accreditation, a UK police initiative set up to ‘design out crime’, promoting crime prevention through the use of tried and tested products and applications. This should help give you peace of mind that you’re in safe hands.

All of these window super powers combined create a truly magnificently efficient window that will help make your house a better home to live in.

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